Thursday, March 5, 2015

What if I don't hate rest days?

I woke up early this morning (again) so I would have time to write another blog post...but when I got on Blogger I realized that I didn't actually publish my post from yesterday. I hit save instead of publish and walked away oblivious to my snafu (I love that word!)

While it feels weird to post twice in one day...I got up early and here I am. I mean...what else am I going to do?* 

This is something I have been thinking about a lot lately....
 What if I don't hate them like everyone else does? Does that mean I am not a real runner? Am I bad person?

I think it's time to admit to you (and myself) that I LOVE rest days. I look forward to them...I enjoy them...I don't wish that I was running or at the gym instead...I actually dread the day being over. Is that normal? According to the plethora of  "I hate rest day" memes out there I would say it isn't...but seriously I can't be the only person out there all like...

During marathon training my rest days were the most coveted days of the week. I couldn't wait to sleep in, spend time with friends, read a book, and most of all not have to wash my hair. We all know by now that not washing your hair everyday is good for your hair...well Sweaty Betty over here would LOVE to skip washing her hair...but running almost every day makes that impossible. 

Last year the half-marathon training plan I followed was all like...

but this year with my goal being a 1:45 half-marathon instead of following the "just finish" 3-4 runs per week training plan I am following RunKeeper's "Greatist-Expert half marathon" plan. 

This is a 12 week plan with higher mileage, speedwork, strength training, and torturous hills. Last year I followed a great training plan but I failed to incorporate much speedwork or hills. I took Body Pump and yoga classes sporadically but speedwork? I didn't even know what that was. I didn't understand the benefits (or the aches and pains) that came along with it.

While I can see the long term benefits of this program...I am still just SO tired. I'm running a lot. 5 days a week and 28+ miles per week. This week (still 6 weeks out) I will run 30. At the peak of marathon training (the week of my 20  miler) I ran 35 miles...and I wasn't incorporating strength training (shame on me!)

Don't get me wrong...I don't mind putting in all the extra miles and effort to achieve my goal. I think I just need to justify my current love of rest well as my current level of food consumption. I had quickly forgotten how hungry running that many miles a week makes me. 

Luckily today is a rest day...a glorious, glorious rest day!! After 2 days of longer (6 and 7 mile) weekday runs I have definitely earned this rest day :) My plan is do to a lot of couch sitting...and maybe some foam rolling...because let's face it I am sore all the time lately and that torture device makes all right in my world. 

I hope all of you are having a wonderful day...even if you aren't lucky enough (or don't enjoy them) to have a rest as well! Talk to you soon!!! 

*That was a trick question...because I am at school and there are always a million other things to do!! Fun fact...I just took a 20 minute break to hunt down headphone splitters. Seriously, people that aren't teachers have no idea how random and all encompassing our job is. I have approximately 15 minutes to finish up this post before I have a child coming in early for extra help in math. 

Anyone else out there love a rest day? 
Please tell me I am not alone :)


  1. You are not the only one! I shamefully love rest days too. Makes me feel better I'm not the only person who loves to rest.

  2. enjoy the rest days. That's why they're there... so you can love them. ha. I love easy days too.

  3. Today is my rest day and I am LOVING IT. I look forward to my rest days. No shame!!