Wednesday, April 1, 2015

It's April, Fools!

I'm not sure why but this meme puts me into a fit of giggles..EVERY.SINGLE.TIME

But on a serious's a new month and time to revisit the goals/intentions I set for myself and either pat myself on the back or make excuses for why I didn't succeed ;)

My first goal was a biggie...I wanted needed to get out of my funk. Winter made my mild case of procrastination worse. The cold weather makes me want to curl up on the couch all.the.time! Luckily, March was a much warmer month. The beautiful weather made it easier to get motivated. Plus, March was the peak of my training for Heartland 39.3 so procrastination really wasn't even an option. So I would say...yes, I succeeded...for this month :) 

Another one of my goals was to blog more. Well...11 posts this month speaks for itself :) For a few months there I wasn't blogging because I wasn't sure what to say. I thought every post had to be absolutely perfect. This month I kind of threw all that out the window. I blogged about what I wanted and didn't worry about it being perfect or exciting. I had so much more fun with it this month and in turn I ended up posting more! Yes...most of the time my posts were very random...but I enjoyed every second of randomness ;)

Another goal I focused on A LOT this last month was my goal to run a 1:45 half-marathon(s) in the Heartland 39.3 series. While I haven't run any of the races yet...I have to say I was 110% dedicated to my training. I skipped relocated 1 training run...but besides that I was spot on! I hit my paces, did my strength training, and was on point with my eating. I started my 2 week taper after my long run on Sunday and I have to tell you that last run was TOUGH body fought me the whole way. I started my taper period extremely fatigued. I like to think it's because I gave it everything I had in training and it's my body's way of saying...I'm ready to race (but rest first!) 

I'm back on the wagon with my 2 books a month resolution. In fact I read 5 books!! Now don't get too excited, 3 of them were kids books...but they definitely count :) I have loved this resolution so far because I have really (re) found my love of reading again. The only downfall is I have a list of books I want to read...and it keeps getting longer and longer!! 

**As far as my daily journaling is going...I'm losing steam. I have something written down for every day...but some days I am writing 3 or 4 entries because I haven't written anything for a few days week. I'm trying to be better...I really am. I don't even have a good excuse for why I am not writing in it every day...except that I just forgot ;)

This post has gotten a little wordier than I planned, so I am going to keep my April goals short and sweet...

1) Run a 1:45 half marathon-I am running Rock the Parkway and Garmin this month so I have 2 opportunities to do this! Ideally, I would like a 1:45 in both...but one or the other would be just fine with me :)

2) Run 100 miles- In March I ran 155 miles...which is the most miles I have ever racked up in a month. It's not realistic to say that I will do that again...especially with tapering and racing so I will aim for 100 miles :)

3) Putting my phone away at 8:00- I know I have been saying this since the beginning of the year...and I have been a little better...however, I am still finding myself mindlessly looking at FB, Twitter, Instagram, etc all evening long and sometimes right up until I go to sleep. I want to focus more on spending time with others (or reading) and cut my phone addiction :)

4) Get a big chunk of wedding stuff out of the way! I need to assemble, address, and mail on table centerpieces, book/decide on a few of the last little details, and basically put my mind at ease. There is seriously so much to do and I am living in constant fear that I am forgetting something ;)

5) Babysit my niece- Are you reading this Caitie? I need a day/evening with my lovie! Life has gotten so busy that I haven't spent nearly enough time with my favorite person on the planet :) 

6) Shopping day with my mom- I need a new outfit for engagement photos (no, we still haven't taken those!), dresses for showers and bachelorette party, and I just need to spend some time with my mom ;) 

Alright, those are my monthly goals intentions...let's hope I can keep get my act together and be as successful this month as I was last month!

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  1. Great goals! A lot of your goals really hit home. I'm reading more these days and really putting my library card to work. And the blogging! Sometimes my brain tells me I need to have some heartfelt, deep post when sometimes just talking about how I don't want to run is good enough! Totally feel ya! Good luck in April!

  2. Wedding planning was the worst and the best at the same time! Man - oh man!

    I procrastinate too, and it's hard to overcome it...

    You did great on all your goals and I can't wait to see how you do with April's.

    I've been trying to read a book a month - and I am averaging about 2... And I love that I have made a point to read a little everyday. Very soothing!

  3. Those are some good goals and cutting back on the phone is a wonderful idea. I think I will follow suit. I already did it with my daughter and I need to do it for myself. I already see results with her cutting back on the Internet. A 1:45 half? I am intrigued. How fast are your training runs? I wish I would/could run a sub 2 hour half. Well now that I think of it - I never attempted to run a half. LOL #wowlinkup

  4. These are some good goals, I need to do something similar to keep myself accountable. #wowlinkup