Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Race photos aren't always terrible...yes they are

Do you look as good in race photos as I do?

Do the photographers always seem to catch you looking your best?

Do your thighs seem to triple in size as you are pounding the pavement?

When you cross the finish line do people mistake you for Miss America?

It's safe to say that Saturday was not my most photogenic moment...but luckily, the photographers were able to snag a few photos that weren't awful....

See I am not always a horrible looking ogre when I run ;)

Catch me when I am not running and the result isn't half bad ;)

This guy always manages to look extra bad ass when he runs...maybe some day he will teach me his ways ;) 

Do you look good in race photos? 
Can you teach me your ways?

Since it's Wednesday I am linking up with Diatta over at Femme Fitale Fit Club for her weekly Workout Wednesday! #WowLinkUp

Femme Fitale Fit Club


  1. I think your pics are great! You should see mine-I always look like I am going to die before I reach the finish. #WowWednesday nice to find your blog!
    Confessions of a Mother Runner

  2. I think these pictures are good! I have some really hideous race photos! I've gotten better at spotting the photographers and putting on a race face even if I'm dying inside.

  3. Okay - last race we did - my son got captured by a lot of the photographers there - the newspaper, the professionals hired by the race committee - and all of his pictures looked AMAZING. I was so JEALOUS!

    All of mine looked HORRID.

  4. Heather you look great in your race pics. I swear my thighs are so much larger in race photos than they really are {or maybe I do just have huge sausage thighs}. I do not look good, I look as if I am needing to pee my pants if I don't get to a bathroom soon! Happy Wednesday :)

  5. Haha this post is hilarious. I think you look great! I always try to smile and look at the camera when I see it. If I don't see it, oh well. By the way congrats on your awesome race!

  6. Hi! I found you post on the WOW Linkup Party! I ran the RTP 5K last weekend. Wasn't it just a BLAST? I hope to do the 1/2 next year. I'm training now :) I just started running Sept 2014 and I love it. I've gone from hating to run to running 5-6 miles a few times a week. It's crazy, but I can't get enough. :) You look great in all your pics, btw!

  7. I wish I looked that great in pictures! In my 10 miler, they only got 1 action shot of me, and I'm side eyeing the camera. Not my proudest moment. But yours look great! #wowlinkup

  8. You look great IMO. I don't race anymore so I can't help you on taking pictures but I wouldn't worry about it. #wowlinkup

  9. I end up looking focused in race photos fortunately. Nothing too crazy. But I never buy them. LOL #wowlinkup