Monday, April 27, 2015

Weekend Update/Marathon Monday

Hey y'all!! Happy Monday!!! 

Before we get started on my weekend, I have some exciting news...
Did you notice the title of my post?!

Marathon Monday?! Say what?!
 Yep, that's right it's back...because well...I'm officially registered for a marathon...And not just any marathon...

The Chicago Marathon!!! I may or may not have squealed as I typed that ;)

A few weeks back I put my name in the lottery and told myself that if I was chosen then it was meant to be...

Well...I wasn't chosen for the lottery (that whole process happens tomorrow) but I am officially registered for The Chicago Marathon (I love saying that!)

How you ask? Well shortly after signing up for the lottery I got in contact with an incredible organization...Have Dreams.

 Have Dreams is a non-profit organization serving children, teens, and young adults affected by autism. 
You can read more about it here.

After emailing back and forth and getting more information on becoming a part of Team Have Dreams...I decided to go for it. I committed to not only running the Chicago Marathon, but I committed to raising money to help an incredible cause that is so very near and dear to my heart. 

As I talked with the Team Have Dreams coordinator; I knew that I still had a chance to be chosen in the lottery...but I couldn't turn down the the chance to run for a good cause...which will make this experience all the more incredible.

Training doesn't officially start until the end of June...but I haven't wasted any time checking out the plans on RunKeeper. 

I signed up for the sub 3:45 plan (tentatively)...which again is a pretty lofty goal (why do I do this to myself?!) I finished the KC Marathon in 4:04 last fall, which means I would need to cut 19 minutes off my time in Chicago...Can I do it? Well...right now I feel pretty confident that I could...but with the wedding this summer and beginning of the school year crazies that always hit in August/September I am not sure how committed I can be to a more aggressive training plan.

I'm going to take it day by day and if I am not sub 3:45 ready by Oct. 11th then so be it! I will run and do the best I can and enjoy the fact that I am running THE Chicago Marathon...and that I am running for a great cause. 

Alright...onto my weekend.

Running 'N' Reading

It was a LOOOONG week and I had been counting down the days until Friday...since Monday morning :)

After a rough week I knew I needed a quick pick me up so Friday right after school I headed to my parents house to see my cute little niece. She was as always hilarious and just what I needed to shake off my week :) 

I stole this darling photo from my sister-in-law's FB...because Miss Busybody doesn't sit still long enough for Aunt Heavy to take pictures...and I couldn't deprive you of this cute face!

I got home Friday night and AJ and I had dinner quick before he had to go to his soccer game. It had been such a busy day that I didn't have a chance to get my run in so after AJ left for his game I headed to the gym for 3 miles and some weight training. 

Sorry for the "crazy-eyes" this is what happens when you are spending your Friday night at the gym ;)

Saturday morning I got up bright and early for a quick 4 miler before my friend Laura's baby shower...

Unfortunately, I misjudged the rain....and by misjudged I mean I thought it was done for the day...but it was not.

I made it about 3 miles before the torrential downpour...and unfortunately me and my mascara did not escape unscathed. I guess that is what I get for being too lazy to wash my eye make-up completely off ;) 

After documenting my disaster I got cleaned up and headed to the baby shower...

Such a great day celebrating Baby D and a great friend :) 

Please don't me being a weirdo...I'm so grateful that my friends put up with me ;)

Right after the shower we hit up Garry Gribbles (the local running store) because my chiropractor was there. After fighting some hamstring pain (as well as my nagging glute) all week I decided I would stop in and see what he could do for me. He did a quick treatment there in store and I went ahead and made a couple of appointments over the next few weeks hoping to get my body in tip-top shape for my final half of the series.

While we were at Garry Gribbles I spotted a pair of the Mizuno Sayonara 2's...ON SALE! I tried these out on a test run last fall and LOVED them...I was in the midst of marathon training at the time and didn't want to risk switching things up. However, when I went looking for them this spring I couldn't find them when I found then on my size and on sale...I just had to have them :) 

I also "had" to grab a Pro-tec Athletics Orb Massage chiropractor suggested it and OH-EM-GEE it makes my sore hip/bum so happy!! I highly recommend it! It's like a foam roller but better. You get a deeper massage and it's multi-directional so it's easier to target in on those sore spots.

After that we headed home for some much needed relaxation and got caught up on some long overdue shows in the queue...including Grey's. I am not sure if it was because of the spoilers, but I didn't shed one tear...and I felt really disconnected. I felt as if it were rushed and not well done at all...but hey, that's just bitter ol' me...

Later that evening AJ headed out to watch the Sporting KC game at his brother's house and I happily stayed home with my books and some snacks to celebrate  Dewey's 24 Hour Read-a-Thon. I didn't officially sign up or participate in any of the fun activities on social media...but I did get in some good quality reading which is what this home-body had been craving all week! 

I ALMOST finished my book "The Devil in the White City" and I polished off my bag of SweetTart jelly beans. If you were to ask me to describe my perfect night...this would be it! 

Sunday morning I was up bright and early for a 10 miler with the Sunday Runday group at KC Running Co. 

I was a little worried about my hamstring and glute, but Dr. Sindorf seemed to have fixed me right up! I had zero hamstring pain and just some slight glute pain...I tell ya...he is a miracle worker! 

After my run I came home, thawed out...and showered and got cleaned up for our engagement pictures :)

For some reason ever since we got engaged I have been dreading this...I have had so much anxiety over them not turning out and me hating every single one of the them...

so I had a glass of wine to help loosen me up before we left! This was my first glass of wine in MONTHS...and I have to say I have missed my dear friend! 

Turns out...all my anxiety and worry was for nothing. Our photographer Kelly (First Class Photography) is amazing!! 

Literally seconds into our session all of my anxiety and worry disappeared. I was having way too much fun to even worry about how they were going to turn out. 

She posted a few teasers last night...and I cannot wait to see the rest!! I cannot even begin to say enough nice things about Kelly! She made this experience (that I was not looking forward to) completely perfect! 

 She took close to 600 I am definitely sitting on the edge of my seat waiting for the rest!! Don't worry I won't create an entire post dedicated to them or anything ;)


  1. SQUEEEE!!! The Chicago Marathon - one of the BEST in the country!!! Can't wait to follow your adventures as you train for this - and REALLY can't wait for the recap!!!

  2. CONGRATS on Chicago, that will be so fun! And your engagement pictures are super cute. Good luck with the fundraising, I would love to help out in any way :)

  3. Yayy for Chicago! I'll find out tomorrow through the lottery :) Jennifer @ Run Jenny Run

  4. Chicago Marathon? WHOA! GO YOU! So happy for you!

    And getting downpoured on - NO BUENO!

    Love the pics!

  5. Wow! Congratulations on THE Chicago Marathon! I have never run for a charity, but it's something I've been considering the past few months. (Not a full marathon, but a half!)

    Love the post-rainy-run pictures ... it happens to the best of us! And I love that you took time to document it for us :)

    Your engagement photos turned out fabulously. I had the same fear and my anxiety showed through in nearly every single one of mine. I am so happy you were able to relax to get some really beautiful pictures for your special day!