Thursday, May 14, 2015

Bridal Shower

  You know those moments when you sit back and wonder how you got so lucky? Well, pretty much every wedding event was a moment like that for me. I seriously have the best friends and family a girl could ask for.
One of those moments was my first bridal shower. My friends went above and beyond to throw me an absolutely beautiful shower! I could clearly see how much time and effort they put into making this day extra special for me...I say this all the time...but I truly have the BEST friends!

The food was incredible! All my favorite things...and I may or may not have eaten a dozen mint chocolate chip cookies ;)

Mason Jars to be filled with Sangria :)

Gorgeous decorations that I got to take home with me :) 

The banner on the fireplace was definitely one of my favorite little says "The Smiths"

Just a candid shot while we got ready for a game....

They tricked people were arriving they had to fill out a note card with a memory on it. Later they read the cards aloud and I had to guess who wrote the memory. Easy right? Well...not as easy as I expected especially since many of the memories included the same guessing game was not on point. For each miss I had to pop in a piece of Double Bubble gum. By then end I had at least 6 pieces in my mouth...a choking hazard for sure!

After the embarrassment of my performance in "Guess that Memory" my friends announced there would be another game...this time I would have to guess the answer to a series of questions the girls had asked AJ...

The best part of this game was that they had incorporated Star Wars-which is a running joke having to do with the Star Wars wedding I have had planned for years ;) The good news with this game is I know my Han Solo pretty well and only missed 2 questions...and clearly it's because he was confused ;)

I was blown away by the incredible gifts! My friends are some of the best around :)

The whole day I felt so loved :)

My favorite ladies from work came to celebrate, even though they had just thrown me a shower the week before. My co-workers are better than yours :)

This girl, Queen matchmaker extraordinaire, really deserves all the credit for this party...Lucky for me I met her 4 years ago and she decided she just HAD to set me up with her brother-in-law...Here we are now and we get to be sisters!!! 

My sister (or sister-in-law...but after 10 years in the family she might as well be my sister!)

My maid of Goose :)

My newest friend, Kelly, braved a new crowd and came to her first bridal shower ever just for me :) See...I told you I am lucky!

These girls just make life better :)

To my lovely hostesses...thank you for everything and seriously....I am so glad we are friends! 

So you can clearly see how spoiled I am and that I have the very best friends around. It was the absolute PERFECT day and it makes me wonder what I did to deserve such amazing people in my life :)


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