Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Super-hero status

 Happy Cinco de Mayo!


While there isn't a margarita machine in the lounge...our PTA did spoil us with a Cinco de Mayo themed luncheon in the library today. I really could go for a margarita today though...4 more days until the race is over and I can enjoy an ice cold marg...or 5 ;)

Until then I will continue to behave myself and walk away from all the delicious treats...Lucky for me, my class made it easier to say no. Monday morning the PTA provided coffee and donuts in the lounge and my class brought me this instead! Healthy treats and Nuun...they are kind of the best ;)

While they are treating us all like super heroes this week...this morning I really felt like I earned that title. I am nannying this week for an adorable little family at my school and we had to be at school at 7:25 AM this morning for our early release meetings...which meant I had to get up early to run, get myself ready, and get 3 kids ready for school (lunches packed, planners signed, etc) 

While it wasn't easy I am proud to say I did it!! I got my 3 miles in at 5AM, got myself showered, did my hair (WHAT?!) had lunches packed, got the kids up and ready and we walked into my classroom at...wait for it...7:15!! Not only were we on time...we were early! I may be a little bit too proud of myself...especially since the kiddos I am watching are angels and went really easy on me this morning :) 

That's all I have for today...I am really tired so I will just leave you with this...

I have had so many incredible teachers over the years. Many who inspired me to be the best person/best teacher I can be. I hope that the kiddos I have taught/will teach will look back and feel the same way about me someday :) 


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