Wednesday, June 3, 2015

I run....

I run because I can....

Have you ever been told you can't do something? In that moment the said thing you can't do becomes the only thing you want to do. It becomes the only thing you think about. Last fall when my glute/hip starting giving me trouble I thought I was going to have to stop running and end my training for the KC Marathon. This was the reality check I needed to realize that running is a privelage, and that every day I get to run should be appreciated and celebrated...even the days that I don't want to run :)

I run because I love that feeling of accomplishment

Whether I run a new distance, place in my age group, set a new PR, or reach a goal that I set for myself that I never thought would happen. That feeling afterwards...yep, it can get to be kind of addicting ;)

I run because it always makes a bad day better...always

I can't explain it and I'm not sure why it is...but after a long, hard day...a good run seems to fix everything! That whole runner's high? It's a thing...I promise. Usually after a bad day all I feel like doing is curling up on the couch and watching tv...but I know that the only real cure is a good run; so I lace up my shoes and run off all the negative energy from the day. 

I run so I can eat (and be healthy of course!) 

Running burns A LOT of calories...therefore it requires a lot of calories to fuel your body to run. There isn't much I enjoy than a good carb loading session ;-) Running has also encouraged me to eat better...and not so that I can be "skinny", but so that I can be healthy and fuel my body so it continues to allow me to run.

But mostly I run because I love it...

Some people may call me crazy...or even obsessed...but when you find something that makes you as happy as running makes kind of stop caring what others think. I love the way running makes me feel. Running has allowed me to love my body...for doing the things that I never thought possible. I love that running is a competition with myself and that the only person I have to worry about being better than is the me from yesterday. Sound cheesy? Yes...but that is what running is to me. It's my makes me happy :) 

So tell me...why do YOU run?


  1. It's taking me so long to get back into running - my injury and my pride - that's the reasons. But, now, I am using this month - as a goal driven month - and I am going to bring the running back.

    I miss it - I miss what I felt when I did it - I missed the sense of accomplishment... I missed what my body was capable of doing.