Thursday, June 18, 2015

Marathon Prep and Yasso 800s

So...marathon training starts in t-minus 4 days and counting and to say I feeling a little anxious about it is an understatement.

After finishing the last race in the Heartland Series I promised myself copious amounts of wine and ALLTHEFOODS I hadn't been eating during training...

While I would like to say I took advantage of this proclamation...I didn't. I was feeling really good after my training cycle, I had lost a few pounds and was feeling really good about my leaner, stronger body so I decided to just stick with my eating/drinking habits and keeping them on the cleaner side (note I said cleaner...not clean)

The problem I am craving all of that junk. I want to stuff my face with candy, cookies, ice cream, fast food...and I wouldn't mind downing a bottle of wine...or two ;)

I've decided I HAVE to let myself indulge in these last few days before my training starts, otherwise it will be a miserable 15 weeks full of cheats!

And indulge I have....

I've had McDonald's for breakfast...twice :)

I ate my weight in Taco Bell for lunch yesterday...and no, I didn't order it on my can do that?

I've had ice cream everyday this week...and sometimes twice in a day...

...and I ate an entire bag of Swedish Fish in one sitting

 I was so excited to eat them I just ripped the bag right down the middle! ;)

Woof...needless to say after a few days of eating like that my stomach is none too pleased...but it seems to have done the trick....I no longer want to eat all of that junk food...Marathon Training can officially begin ;)

On top of  prepping for marathon training by eating everything in sight I have been incorporating some different workouts into my routine along with building/maintaining my mileage so I can start my training plan in a good place. 

I have been taking a spin class 1-2 times per week...and I am still waiting for it to get easier ;) I have been going to Pilates 1-2 times per week...and this class I tell you what has been a life changer...I have ZERO glute pain right now and I attribute it to all of the stretching/strengthening moves we do in this class! I'm hoping I can keep this class up once school starts back up in's much cheaper than my doctor :) I have also been going to Group Power at my gym (it's like Body Pump) and making sure to get in some strength training. I have really enjoyed mixing things up and I am going to do my best to keep incorporating these classes once training begins, but I know it will be harder because my mileage will increase. 

Looking towards training I am 99.9% sure I have my training plan picked out. For last year's marathon I used a mix of 2 training plans (Hal Higdon and a RunKeeper plan) and for the Heartland 39.3 I solely used a RunKeeper plan and was really pleased with the plans and my results both times. For this marathon I am going to stick with RunKeeper exclusively.

I decided to yet again aim high (I mean...what the heck...why not?) and I signed up for the sub 3:45 training plan. Last year my goal was a sub 4 and I ended up running a 4:04. I have no doubt that I will be able to run a sub 4 this time around. On top of the course for the Chicago Marathon being much flatter I am armed and ready to prevent any and all injuries. Last year I had to take a few weeks away from speed work due to my glute injury and I am going to be as proactive as possible in keeping this injury (and any others that might arise) away! I figure if I am going to shoot for a sub 4:00 why not get really crazy and try for a sub 3:45 ;)

The ultimate goal of most marathon runners is to BQ (qualify for Boston) and while I would love to say that I am making that my goal this time around, the reality's just not practical. During the next 16 weeks I will be getting married, going on a week long honeymoon, moving into our new home, and starting a new school year. I just can't put the time and effort into my training that is needed to run a 3:35 marathon...maybe next year? ;)

Something new I am going to be incorporating into my training plan this year is Yasso 800s

Just thinking about 800s makes me want to barf...and 10 sets of them? Double barf...

The plan is to slowly work my way up to 10x800M and hoping to keep my 800M time around 3:45

This morning I decided to give it a try and headed to the middle school track near our apartment.

Unfortunately, when I got to the track I found this...someone has torn up MY track!! While I had a slight moment of panic, I realized I could still make it work. The track was still usable and I would just have to run around the giant pile of track debris ;) 

I have run 800s before, but I have a terrible time pacing myself for multiple rounds so I knew running them at a certain pace was going to be tough. Today I decided I would start with 4 and see how that felt. I figure I can start adding an extra round each week and that way 6 weeks into my training (with 10 weeks left) I can incorporate my Yasso 800s into my training.

I would say overall today was a success...I ran my 800s a little too fast...I have the hardest time pacing myself and if I want to last for 10 rounds I am going to have to figure this piece out! I'm hoping I can get my pacing down over the next few weeks.

While I would LOVE to run a 3:15-3:20 marathon...I know that probably isn't possible for me right now, so I definitely need to slow it's just so hard because the faster I run the sooner I get to stop ;) 


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