Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Track Tuesday Fail...and RunKeeper is my Hero

So...this morning I got up extra early and took off for the track so I could complete my Yasso 800s, but when I got there....

Now, the last time I was there it was all torn up and I was still able to use it...so I thought that maybe this was just a cautionary sign that I didn't have to pay attention to ;)
Guess they were serious?

Not cool...give me my track back!! After a few minutes of panicking, and contemplating jumping the fence...I figured it would probably be okay to run my 800M intervals on the trail or the sidewalk instead. I have been reading Meb Keflezighi's book "Meb for Mortals" and he specifically said I could ;)

It took a few more minutes for me to figure out the best possible way to track not only the distance but to help me keep track of my time and my recovery without getting confused (cut me some slack it was early in the morning and I don't do my best thinking until after 9:00AM)

What was my solution you ask? Only the greatest running app ever invented...RunKeeper

Now, I have been using RunKeeper for years and I have always been a fan. I love the training plans and the audio cues that it gives you during the app created training runs.

This morning I fell even deeper in love with this app...I discovered that I can create a custom workout. My Yasso 800s are something I have added to my training plan so I haven't been able to use the audio cues to help me stay on track (no pun intended)...until today! 

Now, I am sure I am the last person alive that figured out that I can create my own workout using RunKeeper...but in case you have been living under a rock like me I will fill you in! It's really quite easy...

First thing you do is go to the "start" screen and then you tap "Free Run" at the top of the screen.

 It will take you to this...

From here just tap on "Interval Run"

Then by clicking on "add new action" you can create your very own intervals!!! It let's you choose a distance, time, whether it should be slow, steady, or fast and you can even ad a warm-up and cool-down if you want. (I didn't add warm-up/cool down to my workout because I usually do a mile for each instead of a set time)

While I was initially really ticked that "my track" was closed...it ended up being a good thing...otherwise I would have never discovered this incredible feature!! Now it has me wondering what else I don't know about with this app ;) 

Unfortunately, RunKeeper couldn't unlock my apartment door this morning for me...I stupidly didn't take my keys with me on my run and AJ locked the door when he left for work...DOH! 

Thankfully, after unsuccessfully trying (for what felt like forever) to use my sweaty fingers to call the leasing office I was finally able to get ahold of someone who got me a spare set of keys. 



  1. Oh, my gosh! This is my own personal nightmare, Heather - NO TRACK?!? Whaaaaat?? You did a great job of making the best of the situation and now I know a new trick! I had no idea RunKeeper would do that; I'm such a Garmin snob that I never use it, but now I know I can do this if I need to!! Thanks so much for sharing this! I'm the queen of locking myself out of things; this sounds like something I've done before - ha!