Tuesday, June 16, 2015

We bought a house Part 2

The house buying process thus far has been kind of a whirlwind...all in the span of 2 weeks we met with a mortgage broker, looked at 7 houses, put an offer on two different homes, and got confirmation that our offer had been accepted for the 2nd house...Whew...what a crazy, hectic, AMAZING 2 weeks it was...especially considering that we had no intentions of buying a house until this fall...oops ;) 

Like I might have mentioned before we were absolutely devastated over the first house we put an offer on...but just a few days later we were reminded that the annoying clique "everything happens for a reason" was oh so true :)

After putting an offer on the 2nd house and getting the phone call that the seller had accepted our offer AJ and I did a weird little jumping up and down dance and squeal in the living room-much like the dance we did after getting engaged in that exact same spot...we are weirdos :)

Next step...logistics. The seller had already purchased a new home and would be closing on that on July 30th; so she requested that we close the same day so she didn't have any overlap...we actually preferred an extended closing date and this was great except that we would be in Mexico on our honeymoon during that time; so our realtor suggested we close before and take possession on August 1st...

The seller agreed and our closing date then became July 24th....the day before the wedding and then we would be taking possession the day we return from our honeymoon....yikes, talk about a busy couple of weeks ;)

After getting over the shock that we would be buying a house and getting married all in less than 48 hours we decided that while it wasn't ideal and it would be crazy...it was actually going to be really great! Coming home from our honeymoon and moving into our new home as husband and wife? I mean, seriously...could it be any more perfect!? We just can't cram any more big life changes into the end of the summer! 

While the hardest part was over (putting in an offer and having it accepted) we still had a lot to do! We ordered an inspection for last Friday and that whole process had me stressed...I hardly slept the night before worrying about what could go wrong (what can I say...I'm a worry wort-thanks mom!)

After meeting Robert, the inspector, I felt a little bit better. He was so kind and put me at ease. As he walked through the house checking every little thing AJ and I kind of wandered around the house taking pictures and talking about where we were going to put our stuff. It was so much fun imagining ourselves living there in less than 45 days!! 

Finally, Robert finished up the inspection and went over the report with us...I was holding my breath the whole time until he said "this is one of the cleanest reports I have ever done" to which I replied "is that a good thing?" and he laughed and said "yes, it's a very good thing...you 2 are getting a great house" Insert huge sigh of relief!

Last night we met again with our realtor to discuss the report and decide what we wanted to do. We could either ask the owner to fix the few little issues Robert had found (driveway needed mud-jacking, some wood rot, and a back up battery for the sump-pump) or we could negotiate something else...

Well ever since the first time we went to look at the house we had our eye on the fridge...it is a beautiful stainless steel, french door fridge...and exactly what we would want for our new home. After looking at the cost of buying one brand new we decided we would offer to do all the repairs if they would be willing to leave the fridge. We know it's kind of a long-shot since the fridge is only 2 years old and the repairs are very minimal, but we figured it was worth a shot :) We just submitted our request last night so they have 5 days to respond...I will be keeping my fingers crossed that things fall perfectly into place much like they have been with this whole process :)

I promised my cousin Sheila some pictures of the new house in this post. I must warn you...the colors are a little intense and let me assure you that we will be painting the first weekend after we move in :)

Here is the front view of the house. I think it has great curb appeal; which is why the day that we drove by it to look at another house we were so disappointed that this wasn't the one we were stopping to see! How funny that only a few days later we would be back! :) 

Living Room and the gorgeous bay window!
An awkward view of the living room...however it shows off one of my favorite parts of the house...the fireplace and built-ins :) The gold and red really compliment it well don't you think ;) Our plan is to repaint all the walls in the living room/kitchen and paint the built-ins and woodwork white.

This kitchen...le sigh...I am in love. It is big enough that AJ and I can both be in there (while he is cooking and I am supervising of course) and the cabinet/counter-space is definitely my favorite part! I can't wait to finally unpack all of our wedding gifts! Also, note how awesome that fridge is...fingers crossed!

The dining room and the bright blue sun-room that will promptly be painted ;) 

Here is a better look at the sunroom...I imagine I will be spending quite a bit of time out here reading

Master bedroom

Bedroom #1; which will be an office

Bedroom #2; the future guest bedroom

And here is another one of my favorite parts...the back patio! I foresee us spending lots of time out here...minus the toy lawn mower of course ;)

Here is the rest of the back yard...swing set and all. Miss Fin is going to love coming over to Aunt Heaver and Uncle EG's house! 

So there you have it...our new home! And in just 47 days my HUSBAND and I will move into our first home! To say I am excited is an understatement...I can't wait to move in and make this place ours :)


  1. Heather, I am so stinking excited for you both!! This is so much fun! It looks like a really great place; don't you wonder what in the hell people are thinking when they paint their rooms these colors? I think it definitely makes a home tougher to sell; lots of people can't see past the paint. I love that sunroom...I would definitely have to call dibs on that spot - ha! I can't wait to see what they say about the fridge - GAH! I hate waiting on things like this!! When we bought our house we assumed they were going to take the fridge with them (it was a pretty nice one, but not quite this nice) so we ordered one to be delivered. The first day we could move in, after closing, we walked in and saw the fridge still there...I immediately called our realtor! Turns out, it wasn't going to fit properly in their new kitchen, so we made out like bandits! Keep us posted!