Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Marathon Monday- A change in plans...literally

Wait...it's not Monday?

Please forgive me for yet another late edition of Marathon Monday...I have been riding the struggle bus all around town this week and I can't seem to get off of it...it's been a rough week of running to say the least.


I took an additional rest day from running but decided to hit up the gym for some Group Power (Body Pump) and this is where all the problems began...or at least that is what I am choosing to blame it on.

You see...it's been a long time since I have been to Group Power...and let's just say this particular class was not the best one to get back into the swing of things. I was sore...no joke...until yesterday!!! This made an already difficult week of running absolute torture!

Tuesday- 5 miles + sprints

Not a great run...but not terrible either. My legs hadn't quite hit their peak of soreness and it was an early morning run so I suppose it's possible that I wasn't fully awake yet ;)

Wednesday- Spin Class

I am happy to report that I made it to spin class in time to get a good bike this week and I stayed for the whole thing (SUCCESS!!) however...I may or may not have gone a little easier on the tension than I usually do. My legs were screaming at me to stop the whole time! I honestly was hoping that spin would loosen up my muscles and cure me of my crippling pain...wrong

Thursday- 6 miles (Tempo Run)

I knew the minute I woke up Thursday morning that I was in trouble. I could barely open my eyes...my body felt like it weighed 600lbs...and my mind was saying "NO NO NO NO!" while my body was politely telling me that there was no way in hell it was going to run 6 miles.

Well...I have had rough mornings where I didn't want to run and all it took was getting out the door and getting the first mile under my belt so I convinced myself that that was the case and I laced up and headed out. 

After the first mile I knew I was in trouble...this run was to be 1 mile warm up with 4 tempo miles and 1 mile cool down. I tried...I really did...but there was no way I could keep up an 8:00-8:20 pace for 4 miles...seriously...I had to stop and walk a handful of times...so when it came time to turn right and cut my run short...or go straight and push through the 6 miles...I turned right ;) 

I told myself last week that I was going to find some balance and cut myself some slack...and slack was definitely cut on this run! I barely survived my 4 miles...came home and laid on the floor in misery for almost an hour.

Friday- Glorious, Glorious rest day!! 

Saturday- 5 miles (easy paced)

This run said easy paced...not "easy"' and easy it was not. I'm pretty sure during this run I questioned my decision making skills. Why am I running a marathon again? Who said a fall marathon was a good idea? Why didn't anyone talk me out of running a marathon while planning a wedding and buying a house? Why am I even running? HELP!

Sunday- 11 miles 

To say I had been dreading "Long Run Sunday" all week is an understatement. The temperatures had been climbing and "heat advisories" were popping up left and right...

I knew I would need to get up extra early to beat the heat so I set my alarm for 6 AM and I thought that I would be fine....WRONG! My first mistake was piddling around and not getting out the door until 6:30...I thought if I avoided running it would just go away ;) 

By 7:30 it was HOT HOT HOT and my body was DONE DONE DONE!! At mile 7 I seriously contemplated calling AJ and having him come and pick me up! 

Instead I bargained with myself and said if I made it 2 more miles I could stop and be done for the day. No...it wasn't the 11 miles my plan called for...but it was better than nothing, and in this heat 9 miles felt like 90! 

I did end up making it home alive...but then again I spent about an hour lying on the floor hating myself ;)

After this week of running I knew I needed to make a change, so this morning while on my run I made an executive decision...it's time to make a change in training plans.

It may or may not be the issue here...but I think I bit off more than I can chew right now. Yes...a sub 3:45 marathon would be awesome...but so would a sub 4 (which was my goal last fall) and while I don't like abandoning slightly editing my goals I think this time around it is absolutely necessary. 

Just a few moments ago I abandoned my sub 3:45 training plan and signed up for the sub 4 hour marathon plan instead. It is the same plan I followed last fall and I am hoping that the slight decrease in mileage helps to get me out of this running funk! 

Like I said I would love to run a sub 3:45 marathon in Chicago...but with everything else going on, I just don't think it's in the cards for me this year. 

My goal for this next week is to find my love and passion for running again. I want to enjoy it...I want to finish a training run feeling exhilarated and proud...and stop lying on the living room floor for hours post run. In addition to changing my training plan I am going to cut down my time at the gym as well. I am still going to try and get to at least 2 Pilates classes...but other than that I think I will take it easy. Also, I need to point out that I moved my long run to Friday to accommodate a friends birthday celebration and to adjust for next week...wedding week :O

Week 4 Training 

Monday- Rest
Tuesday- 5 miles + 30 second sprints
Wednesday- Rest/Pilates
Thursday- 4 miles
Friday- 12 miles
Saturday- Rest/Pilates?
Sunday- 6 miles (4 tempo)

Fingers crossed that this week is better...I mean it really can't be any worse...right? ;)


  1. Heather, this heat is a KILLER! I know exactly what you mean about thinking you were getting out early enough; I swear, I may have to start my Saturday long runs at 5 am. That really sucks, because I already get up early EVERY OTHER DAY so that I can get my miles in before work...whatever. You know, I like summer...just not THIS part of summer - ha! I'm glad you've made the decision to back down a bit and, who knows, it could happen anyway; I think the fact that you can ease the pressure on yourself will help. You're doing GREAT!