Thursday, July 16, 2015

Thursday's Things

Hi all! Happy Thursday!!

I started my day with a hot and sweaty run...again

I know I told you that my goal was to stop coming in from my runs and wallowing in self-pity on the living room floor...but at 6AM this morning it was 76 degrees and 89% humidity...lying on the floor feeling sorry for myself was inevitable...I will try harder next time ;)

In other news....

We are in single digits people!! Seriously, how did that happen? I feel like we just got engaged and I was thinking that this day would NEVER come and then I blinked and here it is! 

We went and got our marriage license on I suppose there is no backing out now ;)  

And now that we are in single digits it means I can check the 10 day forecast obsessively...let's hope they are predicting wrong...otherwise I don't think my bridesmaids will ever talk to me again ;)

This little peanut!! On Sunday we grabbed donuts and went out to my parents for "Doonut Day" The minute I walked in the door she said "Heaver, you got my doonuts? I wanna eat them!" and she then she proceeded to follow me to the kitchen and damn near climbed up my body trying to get to them. This girl loves her donuts...we must be related ;)

Pretty sure we have had this for dinner no less than 5 times in the last month. Not only is it the most delicious meal is the easiest to prepare and clean up...which is why I don't argue when AJ asks to put it on the menu every week ;)

You can find the recipe for the crock pot chicken here

Trust really is the best crock pot BBQ chicken you will ever have! Add lettuce and your choice of toppings (we use corn, black beans, tortilla strips, and ranch dressing) and viola an easy and delicious meal even I can't screw up ;) 

Alright, now I am off to do some packing...did I mention that we are doing our final walk-through next week?? And that we close next Friday?? In 8 short days we will officially be homeowners!!!! Now all I have to do is get as much packed up before the wedding/honeymoon so we can hit the ground running when we get home! 


  1. GAH! The packing! OH! I can't...I mean, I have the best of intentions every day when I get home from work...and then something else maybe The Bachelorette...or a book...BLAH! I've got to get it done. I'm so excited for you, chica!! I can't believe it's ONLY NINE DAYS! You are going to be the most beautifulest bride.