Monday, August 31, 2015

Marathon Monday: The Return of Motivation

Hello, Hello! Happy Monday!!

That's right another Marathon Monday on a Monday...I'm on a roll! (and knocking on wood as we speak!)

Every year when school starts back up I always find myself barely keeping my head above water for the first few weeks....

This year was made more complicated with the wedding, honeymoon, and moving craziness the week before. So not only did the back to school crazies get me...but I was extra exhausted and totally lacking motivation before it even got started!

Now that I am into a groove with school and I have managed to get a hold of my personal life; I find that instead of barely keeping my head above water, I am outfitted with a pair of floaties and I have a firm slight grasp on life again. 

Another huge difference is I now have my motivation back. I no longer want to lie in bed (or on the couch) all day long...I have re-found my love for making lists and tackling tasks.

The only struggle I am having now is my list is a mile long and no matter how much motivation or energy I have to tackle that list...there are only so many hours in the day. That struggle was especially real this many things I wanted to do...yet so little time ;)

I'm such a "get it done now" kind of person that I have had to continue to remind myself...these things can wait! Especially since most of it is cosmetic house stuff...those things are just fun and I WANT to do them :)

As far as running is going, I think I am back to the I "like" running stage. I'm still waiting for the "love" to return...and I am hoping it will. But at this point I will take liking running over hating it any day ;)

Marathon training has definitely not been a walk in the park this time around...and more the mental part than the physical part, and this weekend I decided I needed to make an attitude change....

I mentioned before that marathon training feels different this time because I have done it all before...I've run these long training runs...I've run 26.2 miles so 14 just seems inconvenient instead of exciting; (yes, I am crazy) but after thinking about how different this training cycle and marathon truly are I realized that I should be more excited about this race than last time....

1) I am running for a cause this time around. I have the incredible opportunity to run for #TeamHaveDreams and raise money for an incredible cause that is so near and dear to my heart. This alone should motivate me to push through this training...and after gaining some perspective this weekend it definitely has helped to raise my spirits and put the pep back into my training step.

**If you are interested in donating please visit this link Team Have Dreams. Remember every little bit counts! I would be so grateful for any donation :) 

2) I have experience this time around...I know what to expect (which can be scary because I know how much it hurts) but I know that I CAN do it!

3) I'm injury free...last year at this time I was fighting a pretty rough glute injury that had me questioning whether or not I would even be able to continue running. With the help of Pilates and strength training I have not only managed this injury (that has nagged at me for the last 9 months) but I am completely pain free at this time!

4) It's the freaking Chicago Marathon...seriously, how many people get to say they have run the Chicago Marathon?!!? This is such an incredible opportunity and I need to stop complaining #firstworldproblems

Basically what I am saying is that I am a whiny baby and I need to suck it up and get through these next 6 weeks (EEK!) with a smile on my face! I have my 18 miler and 20 miler coming up and while those have me a feeling a little nervous...I know I can make it happen :) 

This week's training was my cut-back week, which was EXACTLY what I needed! My body was screaming for a bit of a break! 

Monday- Rest Day

Tuesday - 4 miles (30 second strides) 5.34 miles total

Not a terrible run...but nothing to write home about. I'm just so grateful that I am able to complete my scheduled speed work runs this time around! Last year at this time I had completely cut out speed-work. I am hoping that this will be what helps me get a PR! 

Wednesday- Rest Day

Thursday- 7 miles

I skipped this shame. I was body needed a break and it was thundering and lighting outside pretty much all day. I did my PiYo video instead.

Friday- 4 miles

Today was supposed to be a rest day but I threw in 4 easy paced miles to make up for what I skipped on Thursday.

Saturday- 5 miles

Again, nothing special about this run. The temps have been lower this week so I luckily didn't have to set an alarm, I just ran when I woke up :)

Sunday- 10 miles

I was only scheduled to run 10 miles, but I did 12 in an effort to make up some of the miles from my skipped run on Thursday. This was the run when I did a lot of thinking about my attitude towards training and decided I needed an attitude adjustment. I thoroughly enjoyed this run...minus the 3000% humidity! I mean was as humid as it could get without actually raining! 

This week things pick training plan has me running ~41 miles (YIKES) I may need a reminder or 2 about my new and improved attitude this week ;) 

Friday, August 28, 2015

One Month

One month of marriage down...forever to go :)

wedding photo

Now, we've never been ones to celebrate monthly milestones...heck, if we are being honest I don't know if we have ever acknowledged our dating anniversary in the last 3 years...and I am almost positive neither of us know the exact date for that anyway...all we know is it was the end of July ;)
However, when we realized that our one month anniversary landed on a Tuesday...a Taco Tuesday at that...we couldn't resist the chance to celebrate :)


Our first real date was at Mi Ranchito a little over 3 years ago...I remember that date (and all the nerves that came with it) as if it were just yesterday! Who knew, that 3 years ago in a Mi Ranchito I would be on my last first date with my future husband?! I know I sure didn't! All I that I am so glad that after months of dropping not so subtle hints, I was able to finally convince AJ to ask me out on that date ;)

And here we are month into marriage, and I have to say...being married to AJ is pretty much the best :)


This month will most definitely go down as one of my most favorite (and busiest) months!

This month...

After we said "I do" we celebrated our marriage with our friends and family

267 268 275 276 282 283 286 289 292

We spent a week in Mexico on our honeymoon

1076 1078 1080 1081 1088160 175 176

Spent more time than any one person should in the Baltimore airport...aka hell

183 184

Moved into our new home

187 223 224 228

Spent an evening drinking wine from margarita glasses, opening wedding gifts in our new living room, and being reminded of how lucky we are to have such amazing people in our lives

225 226 231

Had our favorite little person over to remind us why we kept the play set in the backyard

232 236 239 240 241 250

I began my eighth year of teaching...and my first as Mrs. Smith :)

333Mrs. Smith

We had the living room and kitchen painted....

315316 341

Spent a few man-hours painting the hallways ourselves....


Bought a new grill...and ate dinner outside for a week straight!

301303 314 324

Hosted our first BBQ

385 387 388 389 391 392

Bought new furniture...


and we visited Home Depot a few dozen times...and even took a drywall/painting class

300299 349

As you can see our first month of marriage was definitely a BUSY one!! While we are both exhausted pretty much all the time from all the crazy exciting times this past month, I wouldn't change a thing! And if this month is any indication of what the future holds...I think we are in for a fun ride :) Bring on month 2!