Friday, August 28, 2015

A 5k in Paradise

Hello, Hello! 

Two posts in one week (an extra super crazy week at that) again makes me feel like I have my life really together. I don't...just so you know...but I have to treasure these little victories :) 

Last night as I was scrolling through our honeymoon photos (something I may or may not do daily...sigh-take me back!) I realized that I never posted about my 5k in paradise! 

I mean does one forget about that?? I mean it was pretty maybe I just tried to put those 3.1 miles of sweat and regret out of my mind? ;)

Now that it's been almost a month I think I am ready to look back on it for what it was...which was an incredibly fun opportunity! In the moment while running in 3,000% humidity it was hard to appreciate it...but now I think I am ready ;)
Running a race in another country (while on my honeymoon) had never really been on my bucket list (just something I had never thought about) I will always jump at the chance to add things to my list just to cross them off ;) 

The only downfall of this particular 5k is that it would be held on Friday...5 days after we arrived in Mexico. Running 3.1 miles after 5 days of eating and drinking everything in site is not me. 

Let's just say that 7AM Friday morning came awfully quickly and I immediately regretted my decision. I could have still backed out at that point...but what kind of runner would I be if I had done that?

 Luckily for personal photographer, bag holder husband was willing to get up bright and early to come and cheer me on! 

A quick group warm-up before we headed off! I couldn't believe it...there were almost 30 people running the 5k that morning!

Unfortunately, I didn't take my phone or the camera with me while I ran through the mangroves of the Mayan Riviera...but, even if I would I have I was too busy taking in the sites (and avoiding the alligators) to take any pictures!

I know it appears as if I am smiling here...and maybe I am? But, I can promise you it's not because I was having fun...this was the home-stretch of the race. I could FINALLY see the finish line...

While this race was such a fun experience and something I am SO glad I did...the heat and humidity made it one of the toughest 5ks I have ever run!! I may or may not have stopped at every water stop and downed a whole bottle of water each time ;)  I have no idea how long it even took me...but I am imagining it wasn't quick!

However, out of the 30 or so people that ran I finished 4th overall and 2nd female...I suppose that is not half bad ;) 

I know I made a 5k in paradise sound terrible and like I didn't enjoy a second of it...but if you ever get the opportunity to run a 5k in paradise...DO IT! You won't regret it (at least once it's done!) 

If you're interested in running a 5k in paradise after over-indulging in the BEST food you have ever had...or maybe you're interested in just the eating and should check out El Dorado won't be disappointed, PROMISE! :) 


  1. First off, congratulations on the wedding!!! With our crazy schedules this summer, I missed the fact that you tied the knot!! Secondly, what an awesome experience to run a race in another country!!! Hubby and I were in London in June, and we ran an unofficial 10k with a British running guide - it was awesome. London is cool and misty in the mornings - and we ran by Buckingham Palace and through St. James Park - it was amazing. I wish I could import London weather here to Kansas City - wouldn't that be great??!! Hoping to see you at a future race - I have the Dot-to-Dot 10k tomorrow and the Go Girl half-marathon next week - EEP - which I'm SO not ready for!