Monday, August 17, 2015

Marathon Monday: I'm on a roll!

Well, will you look at that...Marathon Monday on a Monday? What a novel idea ;)

Is it weird that getting this post done on a Monday makes me feel like I have my life together? It's the little things really...

This last week (while a busy one) was actually really great!!
We had our living room and kitchen painted, school started, we painted the hallways, went to Home Depot 3 times, we hosted our very first BBQ at the house, and I completed all of my training runs successfully! 

When I type it out, it seems like a lot...the kind of a lot that would make a home-body like me stress a little...but actually I never felt over-whelmed or like I wanted to curl up in a ball and "just be by myself" ;)

I was talking to my mom about it this weekend (since we are the same person) and she said she was feeling much the same way. We came to the conclusion that over the last 7 months of planning the wedding we were forced to be organized and to plan ahead (and to get over the thought of "free time") so right now when things are extra crazy for us both it doesn't seem so bad....I like the theory...and I hope it lasts! I love feeling calm, cool, and collected...especially this time of year!

As far as running this week, it's definitely the best week of running I have had in a LONG time. I not only successfully completed each of my training runs, but I kept paces that seemed impossible last week and the week before! 

A huge factor in that is that I am FINALLY feeling better! That brutal head-cold made running (and just about everything else) about 10 times harder than it should be.

Thankfully this week was definitely easier...and I was able to talk myself off the ledge ;) Not once this week did I say "I wish I didn't have to run this marathon" which is a HUGE difference from the week before!!

Here's how last week went down....

Monday- Rest Day

Tuesday- 12 x 0.25 

I was much too tired to get up early to run so I decided I would head to the gym after work to avoid the heat. I took my iPad with me intending to read, but when I saw that there was a Flip or Flop marathon on HGTV; I decided I HAD to watch that instead! I was almost disappointed when my run was over...I wanted to keep watching!

Wednesday- Rest Day/First day of School with the kiddos. 

My 8th first day of school as a teacher...and my first as Mrs. Smith :)
I manipulated my schedule a little this week to account for my exhaustion after a full day with 23 3rd graders ;)

Thursday- 2 x 2 with an average pace of 8:30-8:40 (which ended up being ~8:19 and ~7:50 min miles!)

I got up extra early to make sure I could get this run in before school...I knew that after another long day I would not be able to force myself to run when I got home from school. Unfortunately, it's still dark at 5:30AM and I don't know the new neighborhood that well...I ended up running down a street with very dim street-lights and had to be VERY careful not to trip over anything on the sidewalk. I have been known to trip over my own this was a very dangerous run! Luckily, I escaped unharmed ;)

Friday- Rest day/Paint Day. 

Good riddance gold walls!

While this was technically a rest day I definitely got in a workout climbing up and down the ladder trimming in our hallways. We ended up staying up until 3:30AM (which is a miracle after the first week of school) but we got it all done!! No more red and gold!!

Saturday- 5 miles

After staying up late Friday I decided not to set an alarm and if I woke up later and it was too hot I would go to the gym. Well, I woke up around 9:30 and it wasn't too hot out yet so I ran my 5 miles on the trail. Luckily, it is mostly shaded...but it was definitely still HOT!

Sunday- 15 miles

I had been dreadeding this run all week. After having to call AJ to pick me up from last weekend's long run, I worried that this weekend would be the same. Because of that I decided to go to KC Running Co's Sunday Runday group run so that I would have water stops every 2 miles AND so I would be too far away to be able to call AJ to rescue me ;) worked! I made it through all 15 miles feeling pretty darn good! My hip/glute started to bug me a little during mile 14 and 15, so I know I need to get back to my pilates classes, but other than that it was great!! To say I needed that run to go well is an understatement...

I now feel like I can do this...I can and will survive marathon training. I have modified my goals a little and while I may not reach my #1 goal (3:45) and I may not even reach my second (sub 4), I know I will at least finish...which is never a bad goal to have...especially when one is running a marathon :) 


  1. YAY! I'm so glad that you're feeling good and that you had such a great week of training. Knocking out those long runs is really a confidence-builder, for me; you did GREAT!!