Monday, August 24, 2015

Marathon Monday: Marathon Training Blues

Marathon Monday on a Monday again? Just call me Superwoman...

Or on second thought don't...because the amount of times I whined about running this week strips me of that title.

I don't know what my deal is...I legitimately do not want to run right now. Not one run this week started with any the time I finished I felt great...I mostly enjoyed the run...and I was glad I had forced myself to do it...but before stepping out the door? All I wanted to do was stamp my feet and say "I don't wanna" (-okay, maybe I did this...once...or maybe 12 times)

I'm not sure what it is, but I am referring to it as "Marathon Training Blues" and in my mind it's a legitimate diagnosis...

I know I am not going through this alone social media pal Kelly over at  Red Head on the Run has been talking about feeling this way lately too. While it does make me feel 10x better that I am not alone in this...I am still stuck on what to do?

If anyone has any suggestions I will take any help I can get!! 

While getting out the door was a HUGE struggle this week...once I finally got out there I felt pretty good. My legs felt a little more tired than usual (not sure why? maybe being on my feet all day at school?) but I was still able to hit all my paces and I completed my 16 miler without having to call for back-up ;) Good thing too...because I only have 47 days until the Chicago Marathon....EEK! 

I didn't take many any photos this week to make the Marathon Monday post more please forgive me...I was using all my energy and motivation just to get my lazy booty out the door! 

Monday- Rest Day! 

Tuesday-  4 x 1 mile repeats

My plan called for my mile repeats to be run at an 8:10 mile pace...but after the first one I decided I would rather have negative splits! Check out mile 4! Definitely a confidence booster! 

Wednesday- Rest Day/Windsor Pilates

Do you guys remember these videos? I think I have had them for about 4 million years...My membership at the gym is up and I haven't decided if I am going to renew or not. However, my glute was screaming at me to get some pilates back in my life so I thought I would give these DVDs a try again...did I love it? Eh...not really. The video was kind of dull and not at all challenging. I need to decide whether or not I am going to renew my membership and if I am not...I HAVE to find a better pilates video ;)

Thursday- 7 miles (5 @ tempo)

My training plan called for a 1 mile warm-up, 5 miles at tempo pace, and 1 mile cool down. However, I was feeling pretty good and managed to run my tempo miles closer to 8 min miles I decided to only run 6 miles and walk my last warm-up mile. 

Friday-  Rest Day

This beer (plus the few or so after that) were MUCH needed after a LONG week! 

Saturday- 5 miles

Supposed to be 6, but I misread the training plan (not on purpose I swear!) and only went, oh well :)

Sunday- 16 miles

The weather was absolutely GORGEOUS for this run! I decided to run with KC Running Co again since it worked out so well last week. Same story for this week...the miles just kept ticking by and before I knew it I was at mile 16! With as much as I was dreading this run all week it was a pleasant surprise that running 16 miles wasn't as terrible as I had imagined :) 

While I have been struggling with wanting to run at long runs have been the hardest to get motivated for. Last year while training for the KC marathon it was actually the opposite. I was excited for each and every long run...and I think it's because each week was an opportunity to run farther than I had ever run before...and this time around not only have I already run that distance...I know how much it can hurt ;) 

This week is a cut back week so I will be running less miles and my long run is only know know you're marathon training when you say "only 10 miles" lol! 


  1. Heather, it's got to be tough to get back in the swing of things after all of the excitement you've had recently!! Now, you've just moved, gotten married, started back to school AND you're marathon training - sheesh. No wonder you don't feel motivated!! I think it will pick up a little, as you get closer to the race; you're doing great, no matter what!! I love your rest day pose... ;) Hope your week is going well!