Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Marathon Monday: Wait...it's not Monday? What day is it?


That is the only word I can come up with to describe the last few weeks. I mean...besides the word lucky, because despite being a crazy whirlwind the last few weeks have been pretty incredible. 

 I have had really good intentions and lots to write about, but it seems like whenever I get a chance to sit down to write a blog post...I fall asleep ;) 

I'm going to try and recap most of it...but I don't have much time. Tomorrow is the first day of school for my sweet little third graders and if you are a teacher, you know that there are always a million things to do to prepare...so I am going to make this short and sweet! I promise to get back to my weekly Marathon Mondays next week and if you are interested in all things newlywed/new homeowner-ish you can head over to my new (less running oriented) website.
July 24th

We finally closed on OUR house! 

We got the keys, but wouldn't be moving in until we got back from the honeymoon...so it was kind of bittersweet. We signed all the papers and wrote the biggest checks we have ever written...but left with nothing. Good thing we had a million other things going on to distract us ;)

Our experience with buying a house was darn near perfect...and that is thanks to our incredible realtor. She made something that can be a bit stressful (especially while planning a wedding) a fun experience. Her professionalism, knowledge, attention to detail, and excellent communication with us made us feel like we hit the realtor jack-pot! If you live in the KC area and are looking to buy/sell definitely give Melissa a call!

July 24th (evening)

We had our INCREDIBLE rehearsal dinner! Thanks to AJ's parents we not only had a beautiful venue to host the rehearsal but we got to enjoy some of KC's best BBQ!

July 25th

We got married!! And let me tell you...this day was more than I could have ever imagined! If you had asked me to describe my perfect wedding day prior to this...the actual thing would have blown that out of the water. It was hands down the best.day.ever! 

July 27th

We left for Mexico, for a week of relaxation...and eating (lots of it!) 

August 1st

We embarked on the longest travel day of my life (19 hours!!) and spent more time in the Baltimore airport than anyone ever should!! And yes...AJ is wearing a Baltimore t-shirt which is a funny story for another post ;)

After landing in KC (finally) we headed back to our new house...my parents had so graciously moved our bed while we were gone so we could enjoy our first evening home in the new house. Little did we all know...that it wouldn't be an evening...we didn't get home until 2:30AM. 

I did make AJ carry me across the threshold and we of course had to take another tour...now that the house was officially ours. 


On our tour we found a few surprises from my parents...they are kind of the best :)

This was going to be our first order of business when we got back...but my dad made sure we didn't have to worry about buying a lawn mower!! We may or may not have jumped up and down squealing in our sleepless haze ;)

Too bad it was 2AM and we couldn't enjoy these little surprises!

August 2nd

Moving Day!!! Even with a 2AM bedtime I was still up bright and early...and in my excitement of the new neighborhood I decided to go for a quick 2 mile run to explore. 

While on my run I discovered a runner's dream...a running trail!! Less than .10 miles from our house!! Not only is it a running trail...but it's my favorite trail! It is 20 miles long and winds through Olathe and Overland Park. I have run on it several times (at different parts) and we are smack dab at the end of the trail...mile 20 is across the street from our house!!! I already have big plans for this trail and my long runs coming up :) 

After a quick run, I got showered and cleaned up for a long day of moving. You know it's going to be a rough day when you start out tired...

Luckily for us we have the best friends and family we could ask for. We had everything loaded and unloaded.


This empty truck was definitely a welcome sight! 

And Kim was gracious enough to snap this extra flattering photo of our first meal in our new home :)

Running...well...ummm...it's sort of taken a back seat in the last few weeks. 

Before the wedding I got in my 13 miler and it was fantastic! I felt great the whole time and was really gaining some confidence back in my ability to run this marathon. 

I had told myself that while we were on our honeymoon I wasn't going to stress getting my training runs in. If we got up and made it to the gym then great...but if we didn't feel like it I wasn't going to worry about it.

Well...guess what? 

When you are in Mexico eating and drinking all of the things you rarely never feel like going to the gym or going for a quick run ;) 

I did get in one run during the week and that was only because the resort hosts a 5k every Friday...and seriously...how could I turn that down?  Needless to say this was a TOUGH run...take the worst humidity you have ever run in and times it by 2...and add a weeks worth of booze and food to that. So much sweat and regret as I ran through the mangroves of the Riviera Maya! 

After getting back I tried to follow my training plan as closely as possible...but with moving and getting a pretty rough cold I had a really hard time getting back into the swing of things. 

This last weekend I had a 14 miler planned...and I ended up having to have AJ come and pick me up. I have joked about calling him to come and get me numerous times and this was the first time I actually had to do it. I'm trying not to be too hard on myself for this...I did make it 11.25 miles...which I suppose is better than nothing...but it sure makes next weekends 15 miler seem extra scary! 

My plan this week is to follow the training plan exactly (including speed-work) and crossing my fingers that my body cooperates. The first couple of weeks back to school are always the toughest...but I don't have anymore time to waste...the marathon is 2 short months away!! 



  1. Well, I've already seen via IG that you're having a good training week, so far; I think you'll be just fine this weekend. YOU GOT MARRIED AND MOVED!! I'm glad you decided to take it easy on yourself and enjoy this time, Heather. So exciting!! Hope your first days back at school are going well and that the kids aren't completely out of control. ;)