Tuesday, September 29, 2015

2 Months

2015-09-25 19.13.12 HDR

Celebrating our monthly anniversaries is quickly becoming one of my favorite things :)

2015-09-25 19.12.57

For month #2 we decided to go down to the plaza for the art fair.

2015-09-25 19.48.36

We started with dinner at Jack Stack...and I think it's safe to say our eyes were a bit bigger than our stomachs...but I am proud (or ashamed) to say...cleaned our plates ;)

2015-09-25 20.44.47

After dinner we waddled around (wishing it were socially acceptable to unbutton our pants) checking out the art. My favorite booth had these cute little clay people and I wanted one of each! The cheapest one we could find was $700...so needless to say we came home empty handed :)

Our first month of marriage was a whirlwind of go, go, go...and while month 2 was a little less hectic...there was still lots of fun to be had!

This month we discovered that our crock-pot with a timer had a defect ;)

005 006

and in turn we tried another new Chinese restaurant in our neighborhood...we are still on the lookout for our new favorite.


We went to the Kansas City Irishfest with my parents and thoroughly enjoyed some fish and chips!

050 054 055

We bought a super cool light-bulb changer and replaced one of the bulbs in the kitchen (it's the little things right?)

021 020

We spent a big chunk of our time at Home Depot and Bed Bed Bath and Beyond again ;)

017 019

We (or just I) painted the guest bedroom...no more hot pink rooms in the house!


We had dinner (and desert) at Old Settlers

071 073 076

We started painting the trim...


and tackled the huge task of painting our fire-place...never again


We finished the trim, and got our new couch! One step closer to having the living room completed!


We had our favorite little person over for "doonuts" and picking flowers in the garden ;)

085 083 092

Our photographer delivered our wedding photos!


and we had our first house guests (don't worry the basement is high up on the list for being repainted)


As you can see month 2 was MUCH slower paced and more the day to day activities...thankfully! I would like to say month 3 will be much of the same...but with our trip to Chicago for the marathon...I don't think that will be the case ;)

Lately...people have been asking me "how's married life?" and now that I have 2 whole months under my belt...I can confidently say...it's pretty darn great :)


Monday, September 28, 2015

Marathon Monday: A glorious weekend and the ultimate marathon training fail

Anyone else feel this way? Lately, the weekends have been going by way too fast...so many things to do, yet so little time to do them...sigh.

I can't complain too much though, because while this weekend was far too short...it was exactly what I have been needing for the past, what, 3 months?

Friday night AJ and I headed down to the Plaza for the art fair to celebrate 2 months of wedded bliss ;)

We started with dinner at Jack Stack...

I hope you are as impressed as the waiter was when I tell you that we cleaned our plates...

After dinner, we waddled around (wishing we had worn our stretchy pants) to check out the art...

I really wanted this piece...but it was $700!!!

I would have settled for this Ron Swanson look alike...but he was about $1200...so we left empty handed :)

Saturday was my absolute DREAM day! 

10 glorious miles...

Followed by breakfast (sorry no photo) in bed...

and then...lunch...in bed ;) 

AJ was golfing all day so I literally spent all morning/afternoon in and out of bed. I read my book, folded some laundry, watched some TV...basically did whatever I damn well pleased. 

I cannot tell you how much I needed this day...it was definitely the recharge that I needed :) 

Then Saturday night we helped Brian and V move into their beautiful new home...and after unloading the Pod, we helped to unpack boxes...of wine, and #BecauseWine...we ended up staying up WAAAY too late! So much for staying recharged and refreshed...It was fun though...so definitely worth the exhaustion on Sunday ;)

On Sunday...much too early...the doorbell rang. Nebraska Furniture Mart was dropping off our new chairs! We bought these back when we bought our couch, but they had to be special ordered. I knew they were coming on Sunday at some point...but 7:45AM was not what I had in mind!! I mostly just felt sorry for the delivery guys that had to see me in all my early morning after wine glory ;)

 We absolutely LOVE the chairs...which is a good thing, because special orders are more difficult to return :) The color and pattern are PERFECT!! I cannot wait to get the living room all put together now!! 

After my early morning wake-up call I hopped in the shower to get ready for my sister-in-laws Sprinkle. I had never heard of this before...but it's just a smaller version of a baby-shower for your second baby.

It was definitely a good time! The best part was definitely the extra time I got to spend with my grandma :) I picked her up and took her to the shower and then went back out to their house for lunch and some much needed catching up! 

After lunch, I headed home and napped for approximately 2 hours...I can't tell you the last time I napped. I forgot how much I loved a Sunday nap session :)

The rest of the day was spent grocery shopping, meal prepping for the week, and watching football.

And to sum up this glorious weekend I think this picture says it all..

 Alright, so I got a little off topic with my Marathon Monday post...but there is not much to report on the running front this week...

Except that I committed  the ultimate marathon training foul...

I've been wearing 2 different pairs of shoes all through training and I realized last week that both pairs needed to be replaced. Nothing like waiting until 3 weeks before the race to get new shoes right? But I thought, no biggie I will just get the same shoes for the race and still have plenty of time to break them in...

That plan would have worked perfectly, except for when I went to buy my shoes...they didn't have them :0 (insert panic attack)

I have been wearing Brooks Glycerin 12s and Mizuno Sayonara 2s...well apparently fall race season is the prime time to switch things up. My only options were the Glycerin 13s or the Sayonara 3's...UGH! I managed to talk myself off the ledge and convinced myself that the Sayonara 3s would be just fine...I mean they felt great in the store...what could go wrong.

Well...the answer to that question is...EVERYTHING! After my 8 mile tempo run my legs, ankles, and feet were not so kindly letting me know that these shoes would NOT work! 

Panic immediately ensued...what was I going to do? Why did I wait until NOW to worry about this...Less than 3 weeks to race day and I am just now getting my new shoes...major fail! 

I knew I HAD to get the same shoes I had been training in, so I checked online and was able to find my Sayonara 2s on sale! This was great because I paid for express shipping so I could get them asap and start breaking them in immediately! 

Luckily, they got there the NEXT day (thank you Dick's Sporting Goods) and I have run in them twice already and my legs are ever so grateful :)

Besides my shoe fail, the rest of the week went well. I could definitely feel the fatigue from my 20 miler during my runs early in the week, but nothing too crazy!

Monday- rest

I added an extra rest day post 20 miler

Tuesday- 4 miles (easy paced)

Nothing exciting to report for this run...my legs still felt a little heavy from my 20 miler, but all in all it went well.

Wednesday- rest

Thursday- 8 miles (6 at tempo)

The plan called for 1 mile warm-up, 6 tempo miles, and one mile cool down. But with the new (wrong) shoes I only made it a half a mile into my cool-down before I had to stop. The worst part about this run and the shoes was that my feet/legs were really sore the rest of the day...I definitely panicked a bit. 

Friday- 6 miles turned 4 ;)

Thursday morning after my extremely painful run I immediately ordered my Sayonara 2s and luckily they arrived just in time for my Friday afternoon run. Unfortunately, mother nature decided to turn the heat back up and that mixed with my sore legs/feet from the day before turned my 6 miles into 4...with a side of carpet wallowing and self pity.

Saturday- 10 miles

My last double digit run before Chicago, and it couldn't have been more perfect! I headed out a different direction than normal and just kind of winged it (wung it? wanged it? I still can't figure that one out) and ended up with a perfect 10 mile loop...my inner GPS was spot on that day! 

Sunday- rest day

All in all it was a pretty good week...and I have to say I (and my body) definitely appreciated the lower mileage. Last year the taper had me like...

but this year (so far) I am feeling pretty darn good! Let's just hope it lasts ;)

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

The rungries are in full force around here...

Hey...hello...how's it going?

Me? I'm fine...just sitting here trying not to eat everything in site. 

Seriously...the rungries have hit and they aren't going anywhere anytime soon. I thought maybe if I distracted myself by writing this post I would be able to keep from eating All.Of.The.Things. 

Last year while training for the Kansas City Marathon I packed on an extra 5lbs. I contributed these 5lbs to my ignorance in thinking that because I was running all the time I should be allowed to eat all the time.

Newsflash...it doesn't work that way. No matter how many miles you are running it all still works the same...when you eat more calories than you burn...you will gain weight.

That was another misconception I had last year...I was under the impression that I was burning millions of calories with all the miles I was running. 

Unfortunately, this was not true. After wearing a heart-rate monitor a few times I found that instead of the 100+ calories per mile that I thought I was burning, I was actually only burning around 80 calories per mile, which adds up (or not) when you are running 20 miles! Apparently the smaller you are and the less you weigh...the less calories you burn during exercise...rude.  

So needless to say, last year I went into marathon training blind...I was sure I was going to be that girl who was complaining about trying to keep the weight on...and instead I was the girl left confused as to why my favorite pair of jeans were too tight ;) 

Going in to half-marathon training this last spring I wanted to avoid any weight gain, and in fact I was hoping to drop a few lbs (fewer lbs mean a faster runner!) I tracked my food, made good choices, turned down donuts in the lounge, etc, etc. And guess what? I did lose weight...I lost about 5lbs and not only did I feel great, but I ran a 5 minute PR in my half-marathon!! WOO HOO!!

At this point I felt like I really had everything figured out...I decided to stick with my eating plan and go into my marathon training ready.to.go! I vowed NOT to gain weight this time around...

Yep...that didn't happen. Here I am 3 weeks out from the Chicago Marathon and I am right back where I was last year. Wondering why my pants are tight...why that number on the scale just couldn't stay where it was...and why I can't stop eating?!?! 

I could blame it on a load of things, but I have decided I shall blame only one thing...

MARATHON TRAINING!! It's evil I tell you...

You're always sore

You're always running

You're always sweaty

You have no social life because "you have to run X amount of miles the next morning and can't stay up too late"

You're poor from buying so many groceries


You get fat from eating all of the said groceries.

I wish I was here with the secret as to how to run a marathon and not gain weight...but I don't. I'm completely lost here. I was SURE I would be able to maintain my weight and show marathon training who is boss...but I can't...I'm just so damn hungry...all the time.

On top of being hungry all the time I have cravings like you wouldn't believe. I have never been pregnant...but a co-worker of mine is pregnant right now and I swear my cravings rival hers. All I can think about is salsa, chocolate milk, and Tootsie Rolls.

Someone, please send help!

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Marathon Monday- Peak Week

Good morning! I know, I know...it's not Monday, but I can't be perfect all the time ;)

Our week/weekend was crazy busy so I was basically a zombie yesterday and even if I would have sat down to write this post...I'm not sure it would have made any sense. My brain was tired and who knows what I would have said! 

After a good night's sleep I am feeling like a whole new person! So hopefully today I will be a bit more productive ;) 

Last week was "peak week" which in marathon training land means your highest mileage week and the dreaded 20 miler! I would be lying if I said I haven't been dreading this week since day 1. I tried really hard not to look too far ahead in my training schedule...but having run a marathon the year before I KNEW about this week...I knew that it was tough (especially being near the beginning of the school year when I am already pretty worn out!)

Despite all the chaos in our lives over the last few months...wedding, honeymoon, buying a house, and starting back to work...I have to say that this year's "peak week" was really not as bad as I was anticipating. 

Last year I remember feeling absolutely done by the end of my 20 miler and NEEDING the taper period. This year...my body is definitely ready for a rest...but I don't feel completely drained. My 20 mile training run was by far the best/easiest of all my long runs this training cycle...which at first seemed like a great thing...but now I have myself convinced it has jinxed me for race day. What can I say...I'm a worrier at heart ;)

Not only was my 20 miler a breeze...but the rest of the week's runs also went really well.

Monday- 10 miles

Second to the 20 miler this was my most dreaded run. 10 miles on a Monday? Seriously? 10 miles before school on a Monday was definitely not happening so I waited to run until after work. I spent all day worrying about the run...would it be too hot? Would I be able to keep my paces? (not only was it 10 miles, but a large chunk of it was meant to be run fast) would I be able to finish?...etc, etc. (Told you I was a worrier) 

Turns out, like usual, I worried for nothing. It wasn't the easiest run I have ever had...but I still managed to maintain (and even run a bit faster) than the suggested paces. 

Tuesday- Rest Day

Glorious, glorious rest day! 

Wednesday- 4 miles + 30 second sprints

I got up early and ran my 5 miles before work...it almost felt weird "only" running 5 miles. 

Thursday- Rest Day

Friday- 8 "steady" miles

This run also gave me a bit of anxiety because I couldn't run them "easy" paced. It called for a steady pace to help simulate fatigue like I will experience on race day... 

Saturday- 20 miles

While I ran my 8 steady miles the day before I didn't feel nearly as much "fatigue" as I expected. I seriously felt GREAT! If I can feel like this on race day...sub 4 here I come! I owe this awesome run to mother nature and her generosity. The weather was absolutely perfect...c'mon Chicago...be just as kind to me :) 

On top of feeling great during my run I hit my suggested paces like a champ! My training plan called for 12 slow paced miles, followed by 5 faster paced (8:40-8:50), and then end with 3 slow paced miles. 

Nailed it! 

One thing I did not do well was my post-long run recovery...instead of my usual ice bath, compression socks, and lots of stretching and resting...I ran around like a crazy woman getting ready for my best friend's baby shower and then spent 4 hours in the car... and in the craziness of the day I didn't eat anything of sustenance until about 6:00PM. Baby shower cake (which was delicious), Twizzlers, and Ritz crackers are not exactly the best "recovery" food. Oops! 

Luckily my legs have almost forgiven me...they did get their revenge this morning on my 4 mile run, but I am hoping that by my next run they start to cooperate again :)

Total Miles for the week: 43

Now I feel like I am in the home-stretch...3 short weeks until the much anticipated Chicago Marathon. It hasn't felt real until now. I have peak week and my 20 miler out of the way, so now I can think clearly! I get to run the streets of Chicago in one of the biggest marathons in the world...how lucky am I?!? 

Yesterday, I watched this video and it seriously gave me chills...it's almost time!!!