Monday, September 14, 2015

Marathon Monday: The week of the skipped run....

Oh hey...

How's it going? I'm just over here running a million miles and eating all of the things...

I'm at the point in training where I spend more time eating than I do anything else...I suppose 30-40 miles per week will do that to ya ;)

This week was a weird one...I physically felt really good...but my heart just wasn't in it. Every mile I ran was mentally tough. I am at the point where I am tired of spending so much time running...And it's not just the running that I am tired of...but it's the getting all of my clothes and gear prepped, showering, and washing piles upon piles of sweaty running clothes. I just want to be doing other things...

Usually, when my body is fighting me I can stay mentally strong and push through...but what happens when your mind gives out? "Run with your body" doesn't have quite the same ring to it...

This week I skipped a run and shortened my long run...just because I "ran out of time"

AJ was out of town this past week for work and instead of going for a run after work on Friday I decided I would rather spend time with him...

Sunday's long run got cut short because I got a later start than planned and I had to get home for "Doonut Day" with my favorite little person. 

Like I body would have run the mind/heart just wasn't in it.

This "attitude" or lack of desire better get going quickly because this week is "peak week" and the dreaded 20 miler. This week is's my last week before my taper and I want to head into it feeling strong and confident. That all starts tonight with my 10 mile run (ON A MONDAY?- Who wrote this plan?)

Here is a quick recap of last week

Monday- Rest Day

Tuesday- Oops...another rest day ;)

Wednesday- 5x1 mile

Thursday- Rest Day

Friday- Rest Day

Saturday- 6 miles

Sunday- 14 miles errr 11.5 miles ;)

It was beautiful outside...and I physically felt good...but I just wanted to be at home and not running.

I only ran 3 days this past week...and I want to feel guilty about it...but I don't. Life has been incredibly busy during this training cycle and for the most part I have followed my training plan. This has been the only week I have skipped a run and not at least made up my mileage somewhere...I came up about 9 miles short this week...and that's okay. This upcoming week is peak week and I will be running between 35-40 I should be alright ;) My legs might be nicer to me on my 20 miler since I gave them a rest ;) One can hope right? 

Wish me luck...and if anyone feels like running 20 miles on Saturday, give me a call...I could use a running buddy ;) 


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