Friday, October 16, 2015

"Birthday Week" giveaways and my dog hates me....

 5 days post-marathon and my muscles are no longer randomly giving out on me as I walk down the stairs...I can effortlessly squat down to pick things up...and I was finally able to shave my legs (standing on one leg in the shower is near impossible after running 26.2 me!)

I had my first run since the marathon last night and it was great! I ran with the Girls on the Run group at my school and spent 2 miles begging one of my 3rd graders to take it easy on me ;)

Seeing those 15 girls out there running, smiling, and feeling so proud of themselves after each lap was good for the soul...
In non-running birthday is exactly one week from today!

And if you know know I love a birthday! It doesn't even have to be my own...I just love an excuse to celebrate :)
This year, to celebrate my "birthday week" I am planning on hosting a "giveaway a day" starting on Monday.
You guys...seriously I have some really great stuff to give away and some great discount codes to share with you all! 
All giveaways will end on Friday evening so make sure you check out the blog every day so you don't miss out!
Since I am awkward and can't find a way to wrap this up naturally, I will just leave you with this...
 Gracie currently isn't speaking to me...but I have to's worth it ;)


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