Saturday, November 28, 2015

4 Months

This month, I feel really lame...

I haven't posted anything since month 3, I am almost 2 weeks late with this post...and month 4 is likely going to bore you to death with the lack of excitement and under-abundance of pictures...sigh
While I am feeling extremely lame...I'm also VERY grateful for this calm month. With dropping temps (and marathon training being over) we have spent our fair share of evenings in, eating dinner and watching our shows. Being the homebody that I am...I love, love, love this change of pace!
Our month 4 date was also reflective of our new found "coziness"

Our night started at the liquor store to grab some wine and beer for Thanksgiving with the fam ;)

After the liquor store we hit up Home Depot to prepare for our holiday weekend filled with projects!
 Here's a hint...we bought A LOT of paint!

Finally we ended up here...heaven...ummm...I mean AMC Cinema Suites ;) I don't know who pitched this idea to AMC, but I wanna hug them! There is absolutely no  better way to enjoy a cinematic experience than this!

AJ and I rarely go to the movies...but I had some gift cards (from last year) burning a hole in my pocket and the final movie in the Hunger Games series was finally it was a no-brainer!
Pictures were limited...because well...we were in a movie theater...but a selfie is always a must. By the end of our first year of marriage we will have exactly 12 horrible selfies to document the fun of our first year :)

Now onto the rest of the I was pretty boring, so bare with me!

We got our wedding video in the mail! We sadly have not watched it yet...Our plan is to watch it Christmas night...our 5 month anniversary and the anniversary of our engagement -cue the ahhhs ;)

We watched A LOT of baseball...

and finally got to see our Royals WIN THE WORLD SERIES!

and in celebration of the Royals the whole city shut down and AJ and I got to enjoy a "blue snow day" and watched the parade.

After a few weeks of late nights watching the Royals the rest of the month was spent like this...

with a little bit of this...

a side of this...

lots and lots of this...

I think you get the idea ;)