Friday, January 29, 2016

6 months

The last 6 months honestly have flown by...except for the fact that when I think about our wedding and honeymoon it seem like AGES ago!

Especially with all this cold winter weather we have been having...take me back to Mexico!! Is it too soon for a repeat trip?

I would say month 6 was rather uneventful...just like I like it :) I don't like the cold weather in the winter, but I definitely like the slower pace!

This month we...

Celebrated the new year with family and friends...

We spent lots of time playing with our nieces...and AJ even got up the courage to hold Miss Norah ;)

And then we were brave enough to babysit Miss Sassy our house ;)

We painted the guest room...

1 less bright blue room in the house ;)

We also finished painting the trim in the hallways and got a few more doors painted...this will forever be known as the never-ending project ;)

My car had to towed to the dealership...and when I was really bummed about having to pay for a new level headed husband calmed me down ;)

And we got caught up in the phenomenon that was "Making a Murderer"

AJ loved it...I was not impressed. I felt that it was 10 episodes that could have been cut to 5 if they had done away with the slow dramatic shots of the car lot...4 million times. I may or may not have fallen asleep during a few all of the episodes.

Finally we celebrated our 6 months of marriage with a super fun "date day" filled with ice skating and delicious food and wine. What made it even better was that AJ planned the whole thing...who knew this guy was so good? ;)

My ice skates appeared to be on the wrong feet...this was not the case. However, you would never have never known judging by my lack of ice-skating skills.

This guy...Blades of Glory...was definitely pretty entertaining ;)

Part of the problem was the warm temps and hundreds (okay maybe 25) ice skaters. Once the zamboni came out to smooth the surface our skills improved...slightly ;)

Our traditional monthly selfie :)

After we were done ice skating we headed to The Grille for an early dinner...YUM, YUM, YUM!

Cheers to 6 months of marriage!
Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Choosing Optimism

Have you guys seen this article floating around Facebook? 

If you haven't...take some it. It's worth your time...I promise!!

I have read this article several hundred times and each time I find myself nodding in agreement...and mentally high-fiving the author for her self-confidence, unapologetic happiness, and decision to focus on the positives in life. 

If you know me, you know that I am the kind of person that needs/likes to discuss and talk about all my "ah-ha" and "I totally agree moments"

So this week I decided to link up with Deb at Deb Runs...for her "Wednesday Word" 

Deb Runs

 This week's word is Optimism...because, how perfect is that? When I read the above article I just kept thinking about how truly important it is to be think positively...and to find the good in YOUR life. 

I am 100% guilty of focusing on the good on social media...

Is it because I am perfect?

Is it because my life is perfect?

Is it because I want everyone to "think" my life is la-di-da 100% amazing all the time?

Is it because I am hiding the bad on purpose in an effort to make others think I have it all?

No, no, no, and no again...

I am not life is not la-di-da wonderful 100% of the time...let's be one's is...

but I CHOOSE optimism...I choose to find the silver lining...I choose to focus on the good in life. I want to be happy...I want to spend my time thinking about and talking about all the good things in my life and all that I have to be grateful for. 

I'm a firm believer that positivity breeds positivity...positive thinking brings positive things...happiness brings about more happiness...choosing to enjoy what you have instead of being upset about what you don't just makes life better...plain and simple. 

 Optimism is a choice...a choice that often leads to happiness and contentment. Looking at the good in others and in the world isn't always easy...but boy does it make life a heck of a lot better. 

When I read the article above I felt like the author had to justify WHY she only posted the good things...why she didn't share all the times she felt down or didn't look 100% perfect in a picture. 

Unfortunately, social media is one of those things that perpetuates comparison and envy. Why is it that other people's happiness  affects your own?

What someone else posts (or doesn't post) shouldn't affect how YOU feel...unless of course you feel happiness and joy towards them and the good things in their life...because then...go ahead! This world needs more happiness and joy...celebrate it! Celebrate the people who share their joy...celebrate the people who CHOOSE optimism....the people who CHOOSE to focus on the happy.

Do bad things happen to me? they happen to everyone...yes...but it is all in how you CHOOSE to handle them.
 I CHOOSE in those moments to remain remind myself that although in that moment I may want to stomp my feet and cry out "life's not fair" that I do in fact have SO much to be grateful for.

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Training Tuesday: Week 3

Is it too soon to say I am feeling good about my training plan? won't jinx me? Promise?

I have to admit I was a little hesitant when I first wrote out my plan for January and I worried that I was setting myself up for failure by committing to the  Hammer and Chisel program (6 days a week) on top of increasing my weekly mileage and running 4 days a week...but so far (knock on wood) it has been great.

Hammer and Chisel has pushed my limits strength training wise, and left me sore...but with the videos being short and super EASY to fit into my schedule I haven't been overwhelmed at all. I have had a few workouts where I can tell my body is tired...but I always make sure to run before strength training so I can make sure I am able to put 100% into my running workouts. 

I have had unplanned rest days...which I was anticipating...does that still make them unplanned? ;) I have been listening to my body and taking complete days off as well as running and skipping one of my HC workouts. I am a part of a challenge/test group which is 60 days and I am attempting to stick with the plan as much as possible...but like I mentioned before running and getting ready for my races takes priority :) 

Getting back into my routine this week sans kiddos was definitely a breath of fresh was nice not having to plan my workouts around after school activities and not having a 4AM wake-up call was really nice!
Monday- 6 miles + Hammer Power

 I was still fighting a head cold last weekend so I decided to move my long run to Monday since we were off for MLK day. Unfortunately, when I got up that morning wouldn't start...

I then spent some time in a tow truck....

and luckily once I got to the dealership they set me up with a loaner car pretty quickly and I headed to the gym for 6 miles on the treadmill.

As if I hadn't released enough of my frustration at the gym, I came home and finished it off with Hammer Power and busted out these bad boys...the 20lb weights...not my muscles...obviously ;)

Tuesday- Chisel Agility

No photo proof...did it even happen?

Wednesday- 6 miles + Hammer Conditioning

After a few weeks of cold, ice, and snow...dare I say...the treadmill is growing on me?

Wednesday- Rest Day

Thursday- Total Body Hammer

I totally killed it in the photo documentation department this week ;)

Friday-  4 miles (HC Rest Day)

Saturday- Rest Day

This was totally unplanned...but I was out running errands early in the morning and things ended up taking a little longer than anticipated. An extra rest day here and there never hurt anyone, right? ;) 

Sunday- 8 miles + Max Hammer Strength

8 treadmill miles followed by stretches that made everyone at the gym look at me weird ;) 

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Training Tuesday: Week 2

Week 2 is done...and I survived....barely.
 After this week of training...I am pretty sure I can handle anything this training cycle throws at me!! It's not that my workouts were all that was more finding the time and energy to fit them in that I struggled with. All last week I baby-sat/played single mom to 3 kiddos while their parents were out of town.

With getting 3 kids ready for school in the morning and lots and lots of after school activities I found myself setting my alarm for 4AM some mornings...

This was my mantra all week...I had excuse after excuse for NOT  getting my run or workout in...but I kept reminding myself of that big goal I set. If I want to cross that finish line under 1:40 in April I HAVE to put the work in now! Unfortunately, that mantra didn't make me any less tired ;) 
The good news that babysitting is done I feel like I have all the time in the world to work out and run! Not getting up until 5:30 for my workout this morning felt like sleeping in...almost ;)
Alright...because I am tired (still) I am going to make this short and sweet. Last week went a little something like this...
Monday- Iso Speed Hammer
How lucky am I that the family I was babysitting for has a gym in their basement? And that Beachbody offers their workouts On Demand?! It was so nice not to have to lug my workout DVDs over the their house and worry about having a DVD player/TV or space to do my workout. 

Tuesday- Tempo Tuesday/Chisel Endurance

This was a rough day...not only did my alarm go off at 4:00AM...but I had tempo miles on the schedule...Tempo miles are never fun when your legs feel like LEAD! I struggled through my 5 miles and Chisel Endurance...but I got it done! 

Wednesday- Total Body Hammer

After an early morning on Tuesday I wasn't sure this workout was going to happen...I let myself sleep in and decided that IF I had time on Wednesday evening I would make it happen. Luckily, I was able to sneak in my quick 45 minute workout while the kiddos were having their piano lessons! That is the BEST part of this program so far...the short workouts are easy to fit into even the busiest of schedules! 

Thursday-800M repeats/Chisel Cardio

Another early morning...on the days I run and do my H&C videos I have to carve out anywhere from 60-90mins. Clearly I planned things out really well...interval training and Chisel CARDIO in the same day...In the words of Jillian Michaels...I was literally "gargling my heart" by the end of this workout!


My body required wasn't on the plan, but like I mentioned before my goal this training cycle is to listen to my body and be flexible! 

Saturday- 3 miles/Chisel Agility

10 days of Hammer and Chisel + half-marathon training and I am surviving!! PLUS...although I missed one workout this last week it felt pretty good to be able to stick with my plan (mostly) during a crazy week where I could have made a million of excuses and skipped my workouts and runs and ate like crap.

And after "STATurday" and taking some "in progress" photos I am so glad I stuck with it this week...this program has been tougher than anything I have ever done...but in just 10 short days I am already seeing a difference...I can't wait to see what my day 60 photos look like!! 

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

New Year's Eve

I know, I know...New Year's Eve was almost 2 weeks ago...and I had thought about scrapping this post all together...but I have way too many fun photos not to share ;)
This year we celebrated New Year's Eve at Brian and Vanessa's house. Experience has taught me that when we hang out with them...we usually fall into a black hole and wake up the next day regretting our 4AM before we even left the house to head over there I set my alarm for 1:30AM so we would be sure to get to bed at a decent hour (for New Year's Eve anyway)
As usual we had a ton of fun! Good food, good friends, and lots of laughs!

We started the night with the high rollers version of Left, Right, Center...I've only ever played with quarters before...dollar bills are the big time :)

We had our champagne ready to go!!

Happy New Year to the lovely hosts! As always a wonderful gathering :)

Do we really need champagne glasses? Nah...straight from the bottle will do ;)

I would say that this is how the majority of our pictures together turn out ;) I promise I am not scolding her....

Celebrating with friends and family is always the best way to celebrate!

I sure miss my spin buddies...but not spin ;)

And sometimes our pictures turn out like this ;) #Sisters
As you can see New Year's was a grand time...and I am happy to report that I did listen to my alarm (only hit snooze once!) and we made it to bed at a decent hour...making the next morning so much less painful!

Training Tuesday: Week 1

My first week of training is complete...and I surprisingly feel really good. I did 6 days of Hammer and Chisel and 4 days of running including my 7 mile long run. My body feels strong...although slower...and I am dealing with minimal soreness. 

Week 1 went a little something like this:


I for the life of me can't remember what I did this day? I think I did one of my Hammer and Chisel videos...but I am not sure...and I have no idea which one ;) #BecauseWinterBreak


4 tempo miles at the gym. After spending almost 40 minutes in the car driving to and from the gym, I am thinking I may need a treadmill at on my "to buy" list :)


Rest...this was my last "official" rest day. Like I said before, if not having a complete rest day starts to affect me physically (or mentally) I will make some changes.


 This was the morning it became VERY clear to me that I NEED a ASAP! I started with Chisel balance and I finished with time to spare so I decided to get my run in really quick (instead of waiting for after school)

 Not only was it raining, but I spent 2 miles dodging patches of ice. Not fun


 I know you can't tell by my face but Chisel Plyo is now my new favorite workout...mostly because it kicked my booty!! It wasn't fun...but I could definitely tell it's going to help work towards those big goals this spring! 


 Hammer Iso Strength followed by 3 sluggish miles on the treadmill...note to then lift ;) Duh!


Sundays are Hammer and Chisel rest days and by default have become my long run days. While I did have a few moments of sadness that I wouldn't have a rest felt really good to bust out 7 miles! 

Week 2 is going to be extra tough...I'm babysitting for a family at my school all week and trying to fit in 2 workouts a day, most days...and keep on my meal plan. It's not going to be easy, but between meal planning and waking up EXTRA early I should be good to go! 

Wish me luck :)