Monday, January 4, 2016

5 Months

Month 5 was EXTRA special...Not only did we get to celebrate our monthly anniversary on Christmas day...but it was also our engagement anniversary :)
One year ago on Christmas morning AJ asked me to marry him...


I have told AJ time and time again that he couldn't have planned it any more perfectly. He proposed early that morning when it was just the two of us and then we got to spend the rest of the day with our families celebrating. This guy is good ;)
Month 5 was filled with lots of fun, family, friends, and Christmas cheer!
We started out the month with a weekend of painting...4 solid days of painting to be exact...and I still haven't recovered...but I sure am LOVING how it all came out!

painting the doors 

door painting

We celebrated our first married Thanksgiving and didn't take one single picture...until right before bed...oops! And yes...we did wear those PJs a lot this month :) #PizzaAndBeer


We decorated for Christmas ;)



We met our new niece Norah Grace :)

We celebrated our first annual PJ and Christmas Light Extravaganza (note we are wearing our pjs again)

2015-12-09 19.12.53

We broke in "our" keggerator and had a party for AJ's birthday

Jenni made it extra special by making a surprise trip to Kansas :)

I tried to include everyone that came to celebrate in the pictures...but there are so many thanks to our personal photog Manuela ;)

We celebrated our 4th "Smithmas" together...and seriously I am so lucky to call this crazy clan family :)

2015-12-13 12.03.07

Well will you lookie there...those darn pjs again ;)

2015-12-13 12.06.24

We sent out our first Christmas cards

christmas cards

We hosted Christmas Eve at our house

We spent Christmas at my parents house

christmas day 


And then headed home to celebrate our 5 month anniversary. We decided since it wasn't really a "date" kind of day we would have champagne from our wedding flutes and watch our wedding video for the first time!

video and champagne 


Waiting to watch our wedding video was hard...but definitely worth the wait! I can't share the entire video on here...but if you want to watch the trailer, the link is below!

**I feel the need to add a disclaimer...the footage in the beginning is a little bumpy and Blair Witch like...luckily it's not like that in our full length video. I think the fast-forwarding in some parts caused that. Either way...I'm SO glad we decided to do the non-traditional wedding captured our amazing day so perfectly ;)


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