Monday, February 29, 2016

7 months

You guys...I have been married to this handsome guy for 7 whole months...and at the risk of sounding cheesy...each day it just gets better and better :)

This last month FLEW by...which in February doesn't bother me one bit. February happens to be my least favorite month of the whole year. My hatred for February stems from cold weather and snow...but this year mother nature granted us a pass and most of February was absolutely gorgeous! We spent plenty of time outside and being extremely thankful we didn't have to spend it shoveling snow :)

We started the month off with our super cool Super Bowl Party for Two!

Fresquilas + Taquitos = Super Bowl Party win!

I'm only here for the half-time show ;) Which I enjoyed for the first time in several years. I know some people were disappointed, but I thought it was fun...maybe it was the fresquilas and maybe it was will never know :)

Due to the warm weather we spent many afternoons playing darts in the garage...I don't mean to brag...but I am pretty good ;)

We added a new member to the Smith family...Millie :)

We celebrated our first married Valentine's Day...and AJ attempted heart shaped egg in a basket. It may not look pretty...but it sure was delicious!

Happy Valentine's Day to me! Best.Gift.Ever!

And because we are fancy we went to Planet Sub for a romantic dinner for two!

Our plans for Valentine's Night were to try out this new monthly subscription box called Date Box...unfortunately we were a little underwhelmed with the creativity and the contents of the box
I get that it's Valentine's Day and the theme is love and stuff...but massage lessons via an online video (yes...that is a thing) and bars of chocolate and tea are not our idea of a "date night"
We decided to skip the Date Box and played scrabble instead ;)

We capped off our first married Valentine's Day with wine and the biggest chocolate covered strawberries I have ever seen...Thank you Russel Stover!

Valentine's Day has never really been our thing...but I have to say this was the best one yet!

We spent a night celebrating our dear friend Kim and brushing up on our bowling skills...mine could still use a bit of brushing ;)
Finally we capped off the month with our "Month 7 date" which might quite possibly be my favorite one yet.

We started our "date day" at Chilis with some delicious margaritas.

Then we decided that enchiladas and french fries do in fact pair well together :)

After lunch we hopped in the car to head to KC Wine Co. 75 degrees in February and Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch? A sign of a great day to come!

KC Wine Co. has been open since last summer, but this was our first visit...and definitely not our last!

We started with a wine tasting...AJ tested out all the reds and I stuck with the whites.

After that we bought a bottle of wine for AJ and a wine slush for me and headed outside to enjoy the perfect weather!

Cheers to 7 months and the PERFECT day!


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