Monday, February 29, 2016

An extra day to get my act together...riiiiight ;)

A good idea in theory, right? In all honesty it would take more than one extra day in the year for me to get my act together ;)

 My plan was to use this day to get caught up on blogging...but as I sit here I have no idea what I want to talk about?


Heartland 39.3 training has been going great! Like I mentioned last week I have changed my tactic and my goals. Rock the Parkway was my original goal race will now be used as a training run, along with the Garmin half. My new goal race is Running with the Cows on May 14th. 

I finally stopped winging it and found a training plan. With my goal being a sub 1:40 I knew I needed the right training plan. 2 years ago I used a version of Hal Higdon's half marathon training plan so I headed back to his site and found a plan for his Advanced half-marathon training plan. 

The best part of this plan is that it is 12 weeks long...and as of last Monday when I had planned on starting the plan was exactly 12 weeks out from race day...I mean...if that isn't a sign that I found the right plan, I don't know what is ;)

New Year's Resolutions?

Well...ummm...I *think* I have cooked 2 new recipes this month...but I am not 100% sure. We have been so good about finding new meals lately, but I haven't been keeping track. My goal over Spring Break is to put together a binder/notebook with recipes we have found online and that we like. My hope is that this will make meal-planning/grocery shopping easier :) 

4 books a month? 

Well as of today I have read 9 it's safe to say I am killing it in that department :)


This is also going pretty well...I have had a few "slow" days or days that I wasn't sure what to take pictures of, but mostly I have done okay. My goal is to start using my Nikon a little more. I have been a little lazy as of late and depended mostly on my iPhone. 


We had the BEST weekend! 

 We celebrated an incredible couple at their wedding on Friday night :) 

 On Sunday we celebrated 7 months of marriage at KC Wine Co. and not only were the beverages on point...but the! Thank you Kansas for this beautiful weather...and please, please, please stick around! 

Coming up?

T-minus 12 days and counting until the glorious week that is known as Spring Break #TeacherProblems


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