Monday, March 28, 2016

8 Months

And just like that...another month of marriage is in the books! Is it just me or is time on fast forward lately?

The unseasonably warm weather this past month kept us busy, busy, busy and I loved every minute of it! The last few days seem to be a little confused though...bring back the warm, non-snowy spring weather!

Without further is a look at our fun filled 8th month of marriage...
We both fulfilled our civic duty and attended our first ever caucus. I was in no way prepared for this. I volunteered to go with AJ thinking that it would take 15-20 minutes and that I would get BBQ afterwards.

Turns out I was wrong on both accounts. I should have done my caucus research before agreeing to this. We had to wait in line to "vote" (sign a sheet of paper)...which went very quickly...but then we found out that we couldn't leave because in the event of a "recount" our votes wouldn't count if we left. Well...we couldn't have that! At this point I knew we weren't going anywhere fast and AJ wouldn't let me get cake pops from Hilary Clinton's side so we ran across the street to get some Taco Bell to make sure we were fueled properly (and to avoid any hangry episodes) for the rest of the caucus.

Three hours later we were released...and our marriage was still in tact! There is no one else I would rather spend 3 hours sitting on bleachers and sweating to death with #Marriage
We got to help celebrate this sweet little girl's 3rd birthday! Seriously...what was life even like before this girl came along? Most likely pretty boring ;)

My favorite part was when she turned to her dad and said "Thank you for my birthday daddy" You cold little heart melted right on the spot. She may be ornery...but at times she is as sweet as they come.
After donuts and birthday candles Finley, Mommy, and Daddy headed out for a fun-filled afternoon and AJ and I got to take our first crack at babysitting this sweet little girl.

With warnings of a cranky baby who doesn't like to sleep, I may have been a little nervous going into it...

Luckily this sweet girl took it easy on us ;) Minus the crying session right before her bottle...which was totally my fault because I waited just a few minutes too long. I definitely won't do that again!
Then she was down for the count...and we had a little Snapchat fun with her! Seriously, are you guys as obsessed with these filters as I am?

All in all it was the perfect day! While I absolutely love spending time with Finley it was really nice to have an afternoon with Norah. Usually when they are both around Finley says to me "Put that baby down" ;) You better believe I didn't put her down once that afternoon...I got in lots of baby snuggles!

The following weekend we went to Finley's birthday party!

She had a bounce house, friends, and lots of food...but all this girl was interested in was the mud puddle in the driveway! The birthday girl gets what the birthday girl wants ;) Except for Aunt Heber joining her!

After surviving the birthday party...we headed to Mi Ranchito and treated ourselves to a margarita :)

Then Spring Break happened...and I was itching to knock yet another house project off the list!
This was our sun room (the picture is from the online listing, so that isn't our furniture... although I wouldn't mind a fun little art studio ;))

I started with the trim...turns out, painting trim is MUCH easier if you do it BEFORE you paint the walls...What can I say? I like to learn the hard way ;)

The trim made the original color
Blue HellTahitian Blue looks 10x better...but for the sake of my corneas I figured I still better paint the walls ;)

Here is our "in progress" after
Plans for a rug and a new ottoman are in the works!

Another thing we did in this room was frost the bottom of the windows using spray frosted glass. This allowed us to take all the blinds down and make the room brighter, while preserving some of our privacy!

This month we also discovered our new favorite place to eat....

Sushi Train!! Seriously...sushi on a train > all other sushi :)

4 years ago I was awkwardly introduced to this handsome fellow on St. Patrick's Day....

After our awkward introduction ("This is her"-Thanks Brian) we proceeded to face off in a states and capitals naming contest...we still can't agree who on who came out victorious...but if there is one thing that I think we can both agree on is that we were both in fact winners that day...who knew I would meet my future husband in a friends' front yard while pounding green beers? #Romantic
Our day/evening ended much earlier than that fated day 4 years's like we have gotten old or something?

However, this picture documents the fact that AJ is the one who has in fact gotten old. When we made it home that night I proceeded to have a cup of hot tea and read my book...that doesn't make me old at all ;)

We made our yearly trip to Red Lobster

we both love this place, but for some reason we have only been a few times and it's usually around the same time of the year. Creatures of habit I suppose?

I could live on their biscuits and Sangria...YUM!

We went to our first Sporting game of the season...

We had great seats!

and Sporting won! Doesn't get much better than that!

We also caught a glimpse of what our future children will look like...

I apologize for the nightmares you are bound to have after seeing this ;)

Finally to wrap up the month we had our 8th "monthly date"

Since I sort of dropped the ball on Valentine's Day I decided to make it up to AJ by taking charge of the planning for this date.

AJ was off work for Good Friday...and being the good guy that he is, he volunteered to take my car in to have the oil changed...seriously, I hit the jack-pot with this guy! Since he was going out of his way to do something to help me out I really wanted to do a little something extra to let him know how much I love him and appreciate him.

Our love language is puzzles :)

For our date night I got all the ingredients for fondue...which has been appropriately re-named "Fun-due"

After eating 2 pounds of cheese and #AllTheCarbs we moved on to desert!

While I am a fan of cheese fondue...I would say the chocolate wins my vote!

Our terrible monthly date selfie was almost ruined by my vanity...I kept complaining to AJ that I had Friday night "teacher tired" eyes and I looked rough....I have since then gotten over myself and decided that this is the perfect "terrible" selfie :)


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