Thursday, March 31, 2016

March Book Review

Another month...and another set of books! This month I hit the jackpot...nearly every book I read, I really enjoyed! I even read one book in 2 very late night and one early morning (I couldn't stop thinking about it!)

Again I am only including a short and sweet little blurb with my thoughts on the book, but I have linked them all to their Goodreads pages so you can go there to read all about them and see other people's reviews. While you are there...follow my I can follow yours. I LOVE getting ideas for books from other people! My TBR (to be read) list is getting a little out of control :)

This month I listened to my very first audio book all the way through (I've tried others, but lost interest part way through) I gave this one a shot because it's been on my holds list at the library forever (in all formats) and this was the first to come available and because I was going to be painting our sun room and I knew I would need some entertainment....and about entertainment! While this book is about mid-distance Olympic runner, Suzy Hamilton, there was very little about running in the book. It was a memoir of her life dealing with an undiagnosed mental illness and the things she did because of it. From the minute I started listening to this book I was hooked...and it only got better from there! Also, the narrator of the book was easy to listen to...which always helps with an audio book!  

I anxiously awaited the chance to read this book (another long hold at the library) and was beside myself excited when it became available. Last month I read the prequel to this book "Me Before You" (perhaps one of my favorites of all time) and I couldn't wait to get my hands (eyes) on this one. While I really enjoyed this book and the continuation of the story it wasn't quite as good as "Me Before You." I won't say I was disappointed, but I definitely didn't finish this book with the same feelings as I did the first one.

You guys...I LOVE Nicholas Sparks. I have read almost every one of his books. This book like all of his others did not disappoint. It had the typical love story in it (and who doesn't love that every once in awhile) but it also included a mystery and lots of suspense. I could not put this book down once I picked it up!

You know how I said I hit the jack-pot with books this month...well here I am again absolutely RAVING about another book. This book....WOW! This book took me on an emotional roller coaster that I couldn't convince myself to get off of. I couldn't stop thinking about this book and flew through the pages wanting so badly to figure out how it ended. The ending was a little less climactic than I had hoped...but when I think about was really the only way for it to end. Of all of my books this month this is the one I would suggest reading! Do won't regret it!

This was one of the cutest books I have ever read. The main character/narrator is a quirky man and his inner dialogue as well as the shocking things he said aloud had me laughing from start to finish. Again...another book I loved :)

Okay...I sound like a broken record...but I LOVE, LOVE, LOVED this book! This is the book I read in less than 24 hours. I could not put it down. I was instantly drawn in to the story of a woman who hit her head and lost her memories of the last 10 years of her life. While it was what I would call an easy read, the content definitely had me thinking. I definitely felt that the message of the book was a good one.

Alright, so I LOVED almost every book this month...except this one. Did I hate it? No...but I didn't LOVE it. It took me much longer to read this book than it did any of the others. I found myself saying "I better read tonight" and mostly because I wanted to finish this book so I could get on to the next. The story was GREAT and as I look back on it now I did enjoy it...I think it just moved a little slowly for me because of the other books I read this month.

Kids' books are my love language...I absolutely love reading them and I especially love sharing them with my 3rd graders. We chose this book for a novel study this year and it was an immediate hit with me and my kiddos! It was laugh out loud funny and the characters were so charming. Definitely a must for a read-aloud in your class...or a read to self at home :) 

That's it for this month...I'm this ---> <---- close to finishing another audio book, but I don't have any long runs, car rides, or house projects between now and April 1st so I will likely finish it in April...while painting the basement ;)

I hope you found some books for your TBR list and I am always up for comment below with your favorite books from this month...or any other for that matter :)

Happy Reading!


  1. Looks like you did hit the jackpot this month...but I didn't care for Suzy Favor Hamilton's book very much. I featured it on the blog in January for my book club. It was a popular choice, for sure, but probably because her story was so sensationalized. Wow!