Wednesday, April 27, 2016

9 Months

You guys...

being married to this guy is a lot of fun :)
This month was jam packed....

We tried out a new to us restaurant, Foody's. You guys...I'm obsessed! They serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner...AND...they are right down the street. We have already been twice...I foresee many Foody's trips in our future.

We added some furniture to the sunroom/reading up things for the wall ;) #ItsNeverEnding #ButIKindOfLoveIt

The grill made it's return :)

We hosted our first family dinner...and Gracie's face says it all ;) Unfortunately, when you are the host and cooking the dinner there is no time for photos! Next time I vow to do it all...or learn to delegate the photo taking responsibilities.

We made 2 new to us recipes...and honestly they might be my favorite ones yet!

We discovered our new (or maybe just mine) favorite drink...Fresca + cherry vodka...thank me later :)

We spent an evening with Finley...and her baby dolls :)

I think it is safe to say we are great babysitters ;)

We spent the afternoon/evening at No Other Pub and watched Royals and Sporting win! It's so much more fun when your sports teams are winning ;) #KeepItUpBoys

Speaking of winning...we went to our first Royals game of the season. Lucky for us they pulled out another win :)

We tackled yet another home improvement task...we pulled up all the carpet on the stairs so we could get the trim painted.

Although the stairs are looking a little rough...I have to say it's 10x better than that hideous brown carpet. We have the new carpet ordered for the stairs and basement and fingers crossed it gets here soon...but not too soon...I still haven't finished painting...Have I told you lately I hate painting ;)
Our anniversary date this month started out at Home Goods...we are nothing if not romantic around here ;)

Nothing says love (to me at least) like a cart full of home decor :)

And no...we did not buy Gracie a stroller...but maybe I might just have to  go back and get it today ;)

After dragging AJ through aisle after aisle...and then back through just one more time...we headed to Up Down Bar and Arcade.

On Sundays they have a special where you get 4 domestic tallboys and 80 tokens...AJ of course volunteered to wear the fanny pack ;)

Beers + Arcade games = one of the best anniversary dates yet!


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