Friday, May 27, 2016

10 Months

10 months of fun (and dancing) with this guy has flown by!
Month 10 will go down in history as the month of house projects and big purchases...since we moved in we have had big plans to change each room slowly...but when we got to the basement, we didn't realize what a big undertaking that would be.
In the moment, it was a tad over-whelming, and AJ and I might have gone a few days without exchanging any kind words with each other...but boy was it worth it!
This month...

We pre-gamed at our favorite Friday night spot...Mi Ranchito :)

And by pre-gaming...I mean we had a margarita before hitting up Home Depot top pick out paint...again :)

We bought new patio furniture...and I supervised the assembly ;)

We tried out a new to us restaurant, Chuisano's Brick Oven Pizza. We consumed some liquid courage before heading to NFM to purchase a new stove and couch. Let me tell you...2 beers makes me much less indecisive ;)

We tackled yet another bright blue room is our house ;)
Snap Chat was my own special way of procrastinating...enjoy ;)

Although we spent more man hours painting than we have in any other room of the house...

It was MORE than worth it! #GoodbyeBlueHell


And somehow in the chaos of it all we decided that tearing out the bathroom vanity and flooring and the landing at the top of the stairs was a good idea...We were delirious ;)

However, our new carpet was due to be installed any it was better now than later. This way we wouldn't have to worry about ruining our new carpet...

and just like painting the was a long process...but SO worth it!
Then after the carpet was installed...

It all came together and the basement has quickly become our favorite room in the house :)

As if we hadn't had enough changes around the house...our new stove and microwave were delivered...#LOVE
While it appears that we spent the entire month working on the house (we did!) we also managed to have some fun ;)

We hit up Sushi Train...possibly more than once ;)

We enjoyed many evenings watching TV in our improved basement/family room...While Gracie stared at us refusing to cuddle...I choose to think she was just enjoying the new carpet too much ;)

We spent a lot of time with our nieces and the rest of the family...but they aren't as fun to photograph ;)

Need I say more?

AJ showed off his baseball skills...I think the pink bat suits him ;)
Finally to celebrate 10 fun-filled months of marriage we headed down to the plaza for dinner and a gondola ride :)

P.F. Changs...please make these limited time cocktails a permanent fixture on your menu...YUM :)

Chopstick master...or so he thinks ;)

After dinner we headed over to the Gondola kiosk (not sure what else to call it) only to find out that they were booked until 9:30...who knew it was that popular? AJ wasn't too keen on waiting and was happy to skip it...but after I confessed that it was a life-long dream of mine to ride a gondola #dramaqueen; he agreed to wait the hour and a half for the next appointment....he is kind of the best!

We couldn't have asked for a better night to do this

I cool is that? #ImEasilyEntertained

While the Gonda"love" wasn't everything I anticipated it would be...we, as usual, had fun and I am glad we did it. I wouldn't likely do it again...but now we know!
Thursday, May 12, 2016

Heartland 39.3...I can see the light...sort of :/

So, the final race of the Heartland 39.3 series is this Saturday...

I got an email about packet pick-up and race day today and I wish I could say I was excited...

Not only am I not excited, I am wishing with all my being that I could just skip this race altogether.

But then I wouldn't get my jacket...and we all know I do this for the swag :)

Plus...who runs 2 of the 3 races and then quits? Not this I suppose I will run.

On the bright side...this is the LAST race of this series and then I can put this failed modified training session behind me. 

I had such huge goals for myself back in December when I signed up for the race, and when they were derailed, I made some changes and decided to make the final race of the series my "goal race" and here we are...goal race time and my training has been derailed more than ever. 

I got to a place where running wasn't enjoyable, where I didn't want to run...where I could hardly force myself to run...and even when I did manage to get myself out the door...I couldn't didn't want to run fast...

And no speed work = No PRs...which over the last few months has been something I have had to come to terms with....but it doesn't mean I like it. 

 Lately, I have been running watchless/GPSless and it has been glorious! Over the last month I have no idea how many miles I have run (not many) and I have not idea what my pace has been (Turtlish) and I have almost started to enjoy running again...almost!

In 2 days I will be lining up at the start line of the RWTC half marathon and completing the Heartland Series for the 3rd time. I am trying with all my might to take it thankful that I can run it (however slow that may be) at all...

Thursday, May 5, 2016

April Book Review


This month flew by! Seriously, I blinked and it was over! I have 12 school days left until summer vacation...and I can't say that I am mad about that ;) #TeacherPerks

This month I read 5 books and listened to 1 audio book...which in all fairness was mostly listened to in March...I finished the last bit of it on April 2nd....but who's splitting hairs about that? #NotMe

I was pretty underwhelmed by my selection of books this month...none were bad...but with the exception of 1, none of them really sucked me into my reading black hole :) 

For the full description of each of the books click on the image and it will take you to the Goodreads site :)

I listened to this book on my many long runs leading up to Rock the Parkway...and in the beginning I was laughing out loud and couldn't get enough...well then the taper period started and I didn't have any long runs, so I listened to the book in the car on my way to and from work...I spend no more than 15 minutes in the car each way, so I was barely getting one chapter in a day. Having it broken up like that made it feel like it lasted I can't decide if the story started to drag on...or if it was because of the small chunks of time I set aside to listen to it? was laugh out loud funny and I would suggest listening to it over reading it any day. The narrator used voices for each of the characters which added to the hilarity of the story!

The story...great! The manner in which it was told, was slow and painful. I had a hard time convincing myself to pick this book up each day...I didn't really seem to care what happened to Lydia.

This book was GREAT! Mystery, suspense, and it had me trying to figure out "Whodunit" the whole time! Definitely a book I would recommend. 

Eh...When I read the synopsis I was really excited to read this book. However, according to the back cover the story is about a teacher who is accused of running over her favorite student...spoiler alert...but her name is cleared of the crime within the first few chapters. The story is good...the mystery is there...but something just felt like it was missing for me. 

This was by far my favorite book this month. I could not put it down and it left me still thinking about the characters days after I finished the book. It's heartbreakingly wonderful...and left me in tears several times. 

This was another one of my favorites this month. I swear my jaw was on the floor for 3/4 of this book. Before reading this book I knew very little about Scientology and I was shocked as I read about Remini's experiences. It's a scary "religion" cult, that's for sure! 

That's all for this month! I just got a notification that 3 of my "on hold" books are ready to be picked up from the library. May is always a pretty busy month for me, so hopefully I am able to get in some good quality reading time! 

If you have any books you recommend please leave a comment with the title...I'm getting close to the bottom of my TBR list (yeah right!) but I always love a good recommendation!