Thursday, June 23, 2016

I will NOT be running a marathon this year

This morning FB reminded me that 2 years ago today, I started training for my very first marathon...

You can read my proclamation post here

I had so many emotions coursing through me after I made the decision to run a marathon...and even more on that first day of training.

During that first run I was filled with excitement, dread, anxiety, worry, elation, hope, and did I mention dread? ;) I kept thinking to myself...on race day you will only have to run 20ish more miles than this...#Silly

Spoiler alert...I managed to finish those 26.2 miles, mostly in one piece...and while I told myself before that race "never again" I ended up running another marathon the following year #BecauseRunnersAreLiars

While training for, and running, both marathons was a scary experience...I am still on the fence as to which was scarier.

The first was scary because I had no idea what to expect...but the second was scary because I did know what to maybe they are tied ;)

Although scary, both marathons were incredible moments in my life...and crossing the finish line was euphoric. Both races were very different...but equally as amazing! first marathon...the one and done marathon ;) This was the first time I experienced the highest high of my life. Crossing that finish line after 26.2 miles in Kansas City and being surrounded by my friends and family is an experience I will NEVER forget. 

While I would say the KC marathon was a mostly positive experience, when I began training for Chicago last summer I couldn't quite put those last 3 miles of the KC marathon out of my mind. I ended up hitting a major wall (thank you hills) and used every ounce of willpower to push myself across the finish line.

I wouldn't say I expected the marathon to be pain-free...I didn't expect it to be THAT painful #Delusional 

I mean, seriously #MyLegsWereDead

Training for Chicago was a struggle from the start...I started in June last the midst of last minute wedding plans, buying a house, packing and moving. Needless to say, fitting in double digit long runs was hard...physically and emotionally.

About a month into training we got married and spent a week in Mexico eating and drinking All.The.Foods...and I ended up running once the whole time we were there...

#5kInParadiseMyAss #MoreLikeHell

After getting back from our honeymoon we immediately moved into our new house, I got sick, and started back to school...and all my teachers friends out there know...

I struggled big time to get back into a routine and get my training back on track...

There were tears shed and promises of "I'm NEVER doing this again" mostly while writhing on the floor in exhaustion and pain. 

And, somehow in the fog of life I was able to get my butt in gear and finish out marathon training as best I could.

And then...

(yes...I was too cheap to by the "really reasonable" $75 pictures...)

I had the BEST race of my about a runners high. I felt great the ENTIRE race. I didn't hit a wall...I didn't walk...I didn't want to hail a cab and high-tail it home #Success #IWantedToDoItAgain

And best of all I walked away with a Sub 4:00 goal was achieved and honestly, I am still on cloud 9.

This year, the memories of the beginning of marathon training are popping up on FB's "on this day" and my Timehop and I am a little sad...because this year I will not be running a marathon.

Last year I was shouting "NEVER AGAIN" during my 16, 17, 18, and 20 mile training runs. I was complaining of the exhaustion, whining about the heat...and was happy to be done with marathons...for awhile ;) 

But here is a little secret...runners will complain about training for a marathon until they are blue in the face...but the minute we cross that finish line it's like it all disappears and we forget all the misery and miles that it took to get that what childbirth is like?

Last year, I promised myself (and my poor husband, who gets the brunt of my complaining) that I wouldn't run a fall marathon this year. I promised that I wouldn't embark on the most amazing yet challenging 18 weeks of training #ThisYear

Although I am more than confident with my decision, I can't help but feel a little sad that today is not the start of my marathon training...part of me would love to run another fall marathon...because honestly...there is no other feeling that comes close to that of crossing the finish line of a marathon...


The marathon is 26.2 miles...and honestly, those miles are the easy ones. The hardest miles of
a marathon are those lonely 18 mile training runs...those early morning
tempo runs, those ever dreaded taper runs...
and right now...on the tail end of a running slump, and
melting through this already horrific summer I am reminding myself of
all the blood (yea, sometimes I fall while running), sweat, and tears
that come along with training for a all honesty,
the race is the fun
part... and I know I sound crazy, but trust's true. 

While I would love to run another marathon and experience that high of crossing the finish line...I am not really in the mood to train for one...this year ;) 


  1. Hi Heather! I have a goal of running a marathon by the time I'm 40. That's um.. about a year and 5 months away. Do you have a training plan that you'd suggest? I've done half marathons (but never actually trained) and there's no way I'll do a full without training.

  2. Do you use RunKeeper? They have awesome training plans that send you reminders on your phone, I used a combo of that and Hal Higdon. Both are free and easy to adjust for your goals!

    So excited for you and this adventure!! The marathon is truly a special accomplishment that you will treasure forever!!