Thursday, June 9, 2016

May Book Review

Summer vacation means I have more free time...which in turn should mean more time for blogging...but that is a lie. 

When I have more free time and a lack of schedule I usually get less done. I end up having less motivation to do things...i.e. blog ;)

So here I am almost 2 weeks late posting my book reviews for May. I can't decide if it was my lack of schedule or my lack of excitement for the books I read in May that had me avoiding this task...guess one will never know :)

May is always a pretty busy month in the life of a teacher so I knew I would be stretching it to read 4 books. I ended up reading I finished on May 1st, so technically I read it in April...and one of the books I read was a read-aloud for my me a cheater if you wish...but I do what I want :)

Here are this month's books...

 I finished this book on the morning of May 1st...I tried to stay up late and finish in April...because that is how my mind works...but end of the school year tiredness won out. 

 This book was absolutely incredible! I had limited knowledge on this subject, but the book was written in a way that made it easy for me to understand without extensive background knowledge. While reading this book I had a few moments where I got pretty emotional...this account of what happened was raw and real and I felt a connection with the men. When I finished I was absolutely amazed by the bravery and selflessness of those men. Everyone I talk to about this book asks me how  I feel about Hillary Clinton now...and honestly, the book doesn't go into much detail about her involvement (or lack of involvement) but I do have to say it was hard to understand why something wasn't done sooner to remove these men from the base.

Eh...I ended up giving this book 2 stars on Goodreads...which is pretty rare. I tend to give 3-5 stars on most books. I would say I generally am more positive when it comes to books...even if they aren't the best. This It wasn't terrible, but it was extremely slow paced and didn't get my month of reading off to a good start. I for the most part love a mindless "beach read" here and there...but while this was was one I would classify more as a "beach sleep"

So...remember how I said I rarely give 2 stars to a book on Goodreads...well this book got 1 was THAT bad. It came highly recommended and I was excited to get started with this book. However, I found myself forcing myself to read this book...and even contemplated not finishing. I would say my biggest complaint is the organization of the writing and the fact that I felt like there was no point to the story. I have never been overweight or dealt with body image maybe that is why I couldn't relate?

This was a surprising book for started out pretty slow and I was frustrated that I had yet another 1 or 2 star book on my hands...but then whoa...did it ever pick up! The writing in this book was beautiful and the descriptive language painted such a beautiful picture of the setting. It's a book that if you read I urge you to be patient with.

Every year I read "Tuesdays at the Castle" to my third graders...and they always LOVE do I! The characters are lovable, the suspense/mystery is there with lots of fun places to stop and leave my students in suspense...I'm mean huh? But seriously...I love a book that when the chapter ends my kids beg me to keep reading :) 

This year I promised my kids we would read the sequel to this book...Wednesdays in the Tower...and I was hoping to feel the same way about this book as I did its predecessor. Unfortunately for me at least...that was not the case. My kiddos seemed to love it...but I on the other hand felt as if it were slow and often times confusing. There are several more books in this series and I can't decide at this point if I want to keep reading them. 

That's all for this month...I'm thoroughly looking forward to the next two months of summer reading :)


  1. I'm so glad you posted this review...I was going to read 13 Ways of Looking at a Fat Girl, but was I know I don't want to read it! Are we friends on Goodreads? We need to be!