Thursday, June 16, 2016

Simplifying and Consolidating

Last year I had the brilliant idea to start another blog in addition to this one, and I convinced myself that I would easily be able to manage posting to 2 blogs #Delusion

AJ and I had just gotten married and bought a house and I wanted a space to write about all things newlywed and new homeowner-like.

For the last year I have posted very sporadically to both blogs, but often found myself torn as to which blog to put what stuff.
I felt like my other blog should only include things that AJ and I did together or things having to do with the house...and I felt like this blog could only be running...which in turn caused me not to post very often on either one...especially since running and I have had a love/hate relationship this year.

I would often have things I wanted to write about or share and when I couldn't decide where it belonged I would just push it to the side and ignore it...and the moment would pass #OhTheHorror

Over the last few weeks I have been thinking a lot about my two blogs and I came to the conclusion that all I really needed was the one blog...

This one :) My original blog...the blog that really and truly has changed my life over the years. It started out so simple as a documentation of my New Year's Resolution and my year of "What the Heck, Why Not?" but it sort of grew to be so much more than that over the years.

Starting today, this blog is now a space for me to write about whatever my little heart desires...which could be anything from running to house projects, fun adventures with the hubby...and whatever tickles my fancy at the moment :) #GetExcited

I did spend a whole year documenting newlywed/first-time home-owner life on my Wordpress site (which is awful btw) #BloggerAllTHeWay so I haven't deactivated it...yet. I have slowly been transferring all of my posts from there to here in an effort to consolidate all of life's fun into one place. Formatting has been somewhat of an issue #BecauseWordpress so if you happen to stumble across a post that has been kind. If it looks stupid, blame Wordpress ;) 



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