Saturday, August 27, 2016

Telling Our Families

After waiting 4 weeks to tell our could say we were VERY excited to share our news!

We knew were HAD to tell our families within 12 hours of each other, because both sets of our parents frequent 54th street and we knew if they saw each other and one didn't know...the other's face would totally give it away :)

So Friday night we invited my parents, brother and sister-in-law, and grandparents over for dinner. We usually get together a few times a month, so I don't think anyone suspected a thing...well, except my sister-in-law...but she has been watching me like a hawk for a year now and hoping that every family get together would be "the one" :)

A few minutes before everyone arrived I pulled out the vodka and tequila and made a "drink", except this time...mine was just Sprite ;) Every time we get together either my mom or AJ's mom make the comment "Oh man, she's drinking!" so I knew that if anyone had any suspicions this would throw them off a little bit ;)

For the next hour or so, I cooked dinner...we chatted, and enjoyed each other's company as usual. After dinner, and right before dessert, AJ mentioned to my dad that he had a growler full of the beer he had brewed a few weeks ago that he wanted to send home with him. My dad, who of course, had no idea said "Well I don't need a whole growler...just a glass would be fine"

Then AJ came back with the personalized growler...

My dad took a look at it and in a moment of confusion...or shock, he said "Baby Smith is Brewing?" Seconds later my grandma looked at my mom and said "Did you just hear what I heard?" and then mass chaos ensued. Tons of hugs, a couple tears, and LOTS of excitement!

Finley was exceptionally excited to hear the news of her new baby cousin. She immediately asked if she could hear the baby and then she kept pulling up my shirt because she wanted the baby to come out now...and for the rest of the night my stomach was her personal property. She kept poking and prodding it and insisting everyone else "listen" to the was pretty adorable.

We asked her if she thought the baby would be a boy or a girl and she immediately responded with girl...and that we should name it Finley. After we explained that the baby couldn't have the same name as her, she decided that "Yilly" (Lily) would do.

It was such a fun night of celebration with our family and a HUGE relief to share in our excitement!

The next morning we planned to have AJ's parents and his brother and sister-in-law over to watch the Chiefs' game. We used the excuse that we wanted to watch the game on our new 60" TV to throw them off ;)

And then...around 10AM disaster struck. AJ texted his mom to see what time they were planning on coming over...Cheryl quickly responded, but had no idea what AJ was talking about. AJ had mentioned this to them the week prior, but never followed up, so they completely forgot. I told AJ to turn on the guilt to ensure that they came over. Luckily, it worked and Fred and Cheryl gave up their day at the lake to spend the afternoon with us ;)

Shortly before the game everyone showed up (and I had another drink pre-made) and we had lunch. After lunch we headed down to watch the Chiefs' game. At the first commercial break AJ said "Oh, Dad...I got you something" As AJ headed to the garage everyone was confused so I just said "Oh yea, AJ grabbed Fred an extra growler of beer the last time we were at KC Bier Co." Brian then jokingly said..."HEY, what about me" :)

AJ came back downstairs with the growler and as he handed it to his dad he said "Oh yea, I even got it personalized for you" Fred sat there in silence (and maybe some confusion) for almost a full minute. No one else could see the growler so they were all like "What does it say?!"

Finally...a few tears eeked out of Fred's eyes...and he slowly turned the growler around to show everyone else. Cheryl immediately started crying, Vanessa shouted, and Brian jumped off the couch and tackled AJ. It was mass pandemonium, of the best kind :)

The first grandbaby on this side of the family is kind of a big deal...and this baby won't be spoiled one bit ;)

So, that is how we shared the news with MOST of our immediate family. We still have 3 long weeks until we can share the news with AJ's sister and her husband Evan. We also made them a growler, so we plan on sharing the news with them the same way. Come on September 16th!!


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