Monday, October 10, 2016

14 Weeks: Don't Tease Me Like This!

Feeling very "bumpy" this week...all of a sudden it's become much more noticeable to me, especially in the evenings after dinner. Thank goodness for leggings and my maternity jeans...

How far along?
14 weeks

How big is baby?

A Peach or a Troll...which makes me giggle! Hopefully our baby's hair isn't quite so crazy!   (3.39"/1.5oz...thee baby's weight is nearly doubling each week now!)

What's baby up to this week?

Baby is probably thumb sucking and wiggling his/her toes in there! Baby's kidneys are making urine and the liver and spleen are doing their jobs.


Ugh...the nausea returned this week...although, it seems to be sticking to the rules of "morning sickness" and usually subsides by lunch time. I was just so darn excited last week and thought that I was in the clear...but the "fog" has returned. Fatigue is still hanging around...but I am/was expecting that. I figure I will be tired for the next 18+ years :)

Maternity Clothes?

I finally caved...on Saturday we went to the Ren Fest and I wore a pair of my jeans with a belly band and was still really uncomfortable the whole time. Any pressure on my abdomen right now is really painful and the belly band just doesn't create a smooth surface for tighter on Sunday I headed to Target and grabbed a cheap pair of maternity jeans and I have to tell you they are GLORIOUS! They are a little big and sag a bit because I don't have anything to hold them up. It may be a little soon to invest in maternity clothes, but I figure why be uncomfortable if I don't have to be AND this way I will get my money's worth ;)


I slept pretty good this week...still up 1-2 times at night to use the restroom, but it seems to be less frequent. I have been utilizing the body pillow a little more because I am a tummy/back sleeper and those just aren't possible anymore. I'm still on the fence about the pregnancy pillow...they look pretty amazing, but I want my husband and puppy to love me...and with a queen sized bed I can't imagine there would be a whole lot of room left for those two after me and that pillow get situated ;)
Missing Anything?

Last week's energy and lack of nausea...other than that nothing.


Not really anything...unless sleep counts :)


The return of nausea made all food sound less than appealing, but nothing specific.


Pretty even-keeled all week...although Sunday and Monday when the nausea was the worst, I think AJ would probably tell you I was a bit whiney...

Best Moment of the week?

I started back to Jazzercise and went to my first class on Tuesday and it was GREAT!! I forgot how much I loved it...and it truly is the best low-impact workout for me right now! I plan on starting slow with only 1-2 classes a week and hoping to keep it up until delivery.

Pregnancy Brain Moments?

Wednesday morning I was packing my lunch for school and couldn't find my leftovers anywhere and I got upset because I thought AJ had taken them to work...turns out I ate them on Tuesday...

Looking forward to?

My friend Kristen is ~2 weeks away from having her sweet little baby boy and I cannot wait to love on him!!

Projects/Baby Gear purchased?

Not a thing! Although, I am getting anxious to start on that nursery!


I was able to run 6 miles on Saturday and it felt pretty effortless! I am excited to be getting some of my mileage and endurance back. I have been running and walking during the week with these cooler temps and getting in a "long" run on Saturdays. I can't wait for the KC Marathon Relay next weekend!!


  1. I am 22 weeks and love the pregnancy pillow. I don't know how I'll be able to sleep without it!