Friday, October 28, 2016

17 Weeks: So this is the honeymoon period everyone was talking about...

Not much has changed on the bump front...I actually think it looks a little smaller than last that even possible?

How far along?
17 weeks

How big is baby?
A pomegranate or video game controller  (~5.12" and 5.9oz)

What's baby up to this week?
Baby's rubbery cartilage is now turning to bone, and starting to put some meat on them. The umbilical cord is growing stronger and thicker as well.  

Truly nothing worth noting...I have felt great this week! The return of energy was very welcomed considering it was conference week at school.

Maternity Clothes?
Still just my maternity jeans for now. I did wear my maternity leggings the other day (because they are amazing) but had to fold over the belly part because I don't quite have enough belly to fill it out or hold them up :)

AJ was out of town again all week...and it has thrown Miss Gracie for a loop. She has been jumping out of the bed multiple times at night and then quickly regrets her decision and begins whining for me to let her back in...maybe she is just preparing me for the all nighters that are in my future ;)

Missing Anything?
Again, just my husband...although this should be the last full week he is out of town #FingersCrossed

Chocolate Hostess Donettes...on Saturday we stopped at Target to grab some snacks and breakfast for Sunday morning...all I wanted was those little crack covered donuts...and let me tell you, they were delicious...and they didn't last long ;) My sweet tooth had been on vacation these last few months, but boy has it returned with a vengeance!

While I still don't have a huge appetite I have not been nearly as queasy this week, so it's made eating a more pleasant experience.  I also enjoyed cucumbers on my sandwich and salad Thursday at lunch...I wasn't totally sold, but it looks like my taste for them may be returning!

Conference week always makes me a bit anxious...even 9 years in. I think it's more about the late nights and early mornings that get me more than anything. Although, after that last conference on Thursday I was really excited for my day off...#EarnedIt

I am adding this category this week because according to my doctor and pregnancy apps I could start feeling the baby move as early as this week. I have been paying really close attention and while I think I "might" have felt could just be digestion #OrGas #LetsCallItLikeItIs #MmmmKay

Best Moment of the week?
Today...thanks to all the extra hours we put in during the week we got Friday off work! Also, my husband is finally home! After these last 2 weeks alone I have come to the realization that I do not miss the single life what so ever!

Pregnancy Brain Moments?
I struggle with thinking of the words I need/want to describe something. This was particularly embarrassing at conferences...thankfully the parents are understanding (or they waited until they were gone to laugh behind my back)

Looking forward to?
A 3-day weekend and The American Royal BBQ!

Projects/Baby Gear purchased?
Nothing this week, although I am itching to get started on the nursery...C'mon Nov. 16th, we are ready to see our baby boy or girl :)

Running was VERY scarce this week due to conference...late nights meant no early morning treadmill sessions and a teacher who was WAY too tired to run after work. I did make sure I went for walks to get in some extra activity on those days.


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