Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Writing About the Baby > Writing About All Other Things

The minute I found out that I was pregnant I  started a private "baby" board (or 12) on Pinterest which in turn caused my Pinterest feed to become inundated with pregnancy pins that are "suggested" and of course I don't mind one bit...because along with my Pinterest boards being all baby all the brain is "baby, baby, baby" all.the.time!

One of the pins that popped up that immediately caught my eye was
"55 Writing Prompts for Pregnancy"

I was going to do my best not to let the blog become all things baby...but over the last almost 6 years of this blogs existence it has sort of transformed and changed, right along with my I figured "What the Heck, Why Not?"- you knew I was bound to work that one in there right? :)

My plan is to go through these writing prompts (not all of them...some I have no interest in writing about) and sharing them here. I want to have a pregnancy journal that is filled with more than bump updates and doctors appointments...and I want it to be something I can look back on in the years to come...because let me tell you, starting this blog all those years ago was the BEST decision I ever made...because looking back at old posts is so, so, much fun!

Today I am putting together several prompts because I have already written about a few of them in way more detail than anyone could need...

The day we found out I was pregnant...

Being the nerd (or efficient memory keeper) that I am I immediately sat down and wrote THIS blog post the day after finding out. I had a slew of emotions that ran through me that day and the days following...Initially I think I was in shock...we both were. While we wanted nothing more than to see a positive pregnancy test that first month, I can tell you neither of us expected it.

Right after that shock, I was filled with relief. I know that getting pregnant is not always easy, and to be honest, when we decided it was time to try for a baby I feared that we would struggle...I blame this on a stupid episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians I watched years ago when Kim turned 30 and went to the doctor and he basically told her that her fertility would drop drastically now that she was 30 and she should consider freezing her eggs. I don't always get my medical information from a reality show, but that is definitely something that stuck with me...and filled me with fear. #PleaseDontJudge

After the relief I was filled with mom has told me many times that I wouldn't know what worrying was until I had children...and this baby wasn't even here yet and it already had me worrying. Google does nothing to ease these fears either...if I can give any unsolicited pregnancy advice it would be to stay away from Google. Yes, miscarriages are common...very common...much more common than I had ever imagined...but Googling the statistics will NOT ease your fears.  

And mostly, I would say that everything felt so surreal that day...we were going to be parents, and while we were both over the moon things still hadn't sunk in. It felt weird to say "I'm pregnant" or when we would make comments about when the baby would be here I would almost feel like we were pretending.

The way we broke the news...

While I wanted to call my mom immediately (I tell her everything), AJ and I decided that we would wait until after our doctor's appointment to share the news with our families. It was a long 4 week wait...but oh so worth it! I wrote about how we shared with our families HERE

We then had to wait a few more weeks to tell AJ's sister, which just about killed us both!

After our 12 week appointment, we shared with our closest friends...and I have to tell you nothing beats sharing this kind of news with your nearest and dearest. Sharing in the love and excitement of this new little life was extra special.

Then after sharing with as many people as we could in person (or via text for those we wouldn't see) we finally shared on FB with one of my favorite pictures of all times :)

My sweet sister in law came over early one Sunday morning to help us capture the PERFECT photo...and then while goofing around (which is the norm around here) she captured this perfect candid shot. Nothing sums up our life/relationship/future adventures in parenting than this photo #LifeIsMoreFunTogether

The way we felt when we realized that we were going to have a baby...

I wouldn't say that this feeling was immediate...Yes, the pregnancy test (all 6 of them) said we were having a baby, then 4 weeks later our sonogram tech said we were having a baby...but it still felt so unreal. I would say that it didn't all start feeling really, real to me until recently. As I am starting to see and feel my body change (and feel that sweet little baby move around) it is finally sinking in...I'm going to be a mommy :)

I would say that over the last 14 weeks since finding out, our excitement has only grown. It becomes more real every day and we cannot wait to meet our little baby! We have our anatomy scan and will find out boy or girl in 2 weeks...and I can't imagine how real it will feel once we see our baby (looking like a baby instead of a blob) and then being able to say he/she versus "it"

The Reactions...

People have reacted in the BEST way possible! Our parents of course being the most excited...seeing the tears in my dad and father-in-laws eyes filled me with so much joy...and seeing the look on my mother-in-laws face EVERY time I see her is absolutely priceless! Family is so special and to be able to bring a new family member into their lives fills me with so much joy :) My mom of course...reacted exactly the way I anticipated...tears on tears on tears...and then immediately jumped into planning mode for baby. I have a feeling I will be depending on her LOTS when baby comes...she is kind of the expert on raising kids...I mean...look at how I turned out ;)  

Brian and Vanessa's reactions are a close second to our can see real excitement in people's eyes and those 2 made the moment we shared that much more special. This baby hit the jack-pot in the aunt and uncle department especially with these 2 :) They will make life oh so much fun for our little babe!

My brother and Caitlin have been nothing but wonderful as well...Caitie being a mommy to my 2 wonderful nieces has been a plethora of knowledge, support, and encouragement. I can't even begin to put into words how much I appreciate her.

How about our framily? Well let's just say they are the best of the best...We have several close friends who have young kids/babies or are soon to be parents as well and I can't wait to raise our littles together. Not only do we have a wonderful group of people surrounding us...but so will little Baby Smith :)

My co-workers/students/students parents have been nothing but wonderful as well...the outpouring of congratulations and excitement for our new adventure has been amazing. I get asked daily by co-workers how I am feeling and my students are over the moon excited and have already planned a gender reveal party lol!

Overall, I would say sharing our news was a reminder of how lucky we are to have these incredible people in our lives.

The first three months – the best kept secret – or was it?

This was hands-down the hardest secret to keep...While it was fun to have a fun little secret between AJ and was also really hard to be social. Not only did I feel terrible...but all of a sudden me not drinking became a huge deal (to me, not anyone else) and I was convinced everyone was looking at me and noticing that I wasn't drinking...but in reality, I have spent the last 2 years training for marathons so most people were used to it ;) I'm sure some people may have picked up on it...but no one said anything, so I call that a win in my books!

Work was another area I struggled in...not only did I have zero energy to try to make myself presentable in the mornings I felt like I was being totally unsocial and a slacker. It was so nice to share with my team that I am not usually like this...that it was this baby sucking the life out of me ;)

Another hard part about keeping this secret for the first 3 months was the fact that this is when I had the most questions! This is when evil Dr. Google would weasel his way in...

Now that the secret is out...I have to say not keeping the secret is MUCH better than keeping the secret any day! Having support and a plethora of people to ask stupid questions is something I enjoy :)


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