Friday, November 4, 2016

18 Weeks: Smooth Sailing

This photo was taken before, it's safe to say this bump cannot be blamed on anything but our sweet baby :) This week my pregnancy app told me my uterus is the size of a cantaloupe #YIKES

How far along?
18 weeks

How big is baby?
An artichoke or a slingshot  (~5.59" and 6.7oz)

What's baby up to this week?
Baby is yawning and swallowing as well as twisting, rolling, punching, and kicking!  

I am feeling great and still coasting along through that second trimester bliss!

Maternity Clothes?
Wearing my maternity jeans and leggings pretty regularly...I still have a few pair of dress pants that are holding on for dear life, and I think I will have to retire those soon. I much prefer being comfortable to being able to brag about still wearing my pre-pregnancy pants ;)

I've been sleeping great! My Snoogle makes it easy to get comfortable, and I have just been so darn tired, sleep comes easily! I have been waking up a few times a night to use the restroom, but I am always able to fall right back asleep.

Missing Anything?
I really wanted a beer with my BBQ at the American Royal this last weekend...I am not a huge drinker, but always enjoy a good beer or glass of wine.

I'm still a big fan of the chocolate Hostess Donettes and my sweet husband made all my dreams come true when he picked some up at the grocery store this week. I did manage to pace myself with them so they lasted me all week :)

Thursday night I had what I would describe as a "manic moment" I got home from work and was famished (which is very unusual for me lately) and I just HAD to have noodles. I whipped up my favorite concoction yet...noodles, butter, parmesan, and ranch dressing. It's not the weirdest thing I have ever eaten (my pre-pregnancy/marathon cravings were strange at times) but the desire in which I had to eat this delicious concoction was quite alarming :)

Not a thing! The nausea has completely left the building so my appetite is slowly making a comeback....and minus that moment I still haven't hit that ravenous stage that my pregnancy app keeps talking about. I definitely have to pay close attention to when and how much I am eating. I used to snack constantly when I was running a lot, but now I am typically just eating breakfast, lunch, and dinner. 

I'm a rollercoaster of emotions this week...I would say that feeling better has made me mostly happy, but when I found out that AJ would have to go out of town for work AGAIN this week (3 weeks in a row) I didn't take it so well. I cried when he left...and then cried again Tuesday night when I found out they extended his stay yet another day. I don't typically cry when I am sad (usually only when I am happy or mad-yes, I am weird) so this was unusual for me.

Last week I "thought" I might have felt the baby move...but this week I am SURE I felt the baby. It's happening mostly at night and here and there during the day...but it's definitely baby I am feeling in there! Little flutters, pokes, and twitches are the best way to describe the feeling. I stayed up late to watch game 7 of the World Series and felt the baby moving like crazy and for longer than I am guessing we have a little night owl on our hands :)

Best Moment of the week?
Feeling the baby move was top of my list this week...but also getting to meet and snuggle my newest "framily" member Brooks was pretty amazing! His momma and I have been good friends since college and I cannot wait for our little babes to grow up together!

Pregnancy Brain Moments?
Still just using the wrong words for things...Rumor has it this never goes away. Hello baby brain for the next 18+ years :)

Looking forward to?
Our next doctor's appointment! 12 days and counting!

Projects/Baby Gear purchased?
This week I bought a belly band/belt for running. I have scoured the internet for every running bloggers pregnancy posts and this was one thing they all had in common. They also mentioned not waiting too long and getting/using the belt sooner rather than later! Can't wait to try this puppy out!

I would say I was about as consistent as I can get this week. The weather was beautiful and I felt great so that combination made for a great week of running. I used to strictly be a morning runner...but I have avoided running outside in the dark because I don't want to trip and fall...and treadmill running isn't my favorite so I have switched to some afternoons so I can get outside more.

My goal is to run 3-4 days a week right now and make it through 2nd trimester this way. I will reevaluate once I hit 3rd trimester because I have a feeling the added weight and belly will make it a bit harder in the months to come. I got my belly band/fit splint in the mail, so I am hoping that with the addition of that I will be able to run longer and avoid some of the post-running hip/lower abdomen pain.


  1. Awwww! What a wonderful update!! I have been loving reading these!