Saturday, November 19, 2016

IT'S A...

From the very beginning AJ and I knew we wanted to find out the gender of our baby...and we knew we wanted it to be a private moment just between the two of us.

Going into the appointment I had no idea what to expect or how special it would actually be...and I am so glad we made the decision to find out just the two of us, because it was a moment I will treasure forever <3

While we didn't want to have a gender reveal where WE were the ones surprised, we still wanted to get everyone together and do a reveal of some we decided to surprise the grandparents with a little reveal brunch.

What we didn't think through completely, was the absolute torture we would go through keeping this secret from our friends and family. Our appointment was Wednesday, and we planned the brunch with our families for Saturday morning...2 biggie right? are talking to the girl who has literally told her mom EVERYTHING from the day she was born. Throw in the fact that this was such EXCITING NEWS...and these two days were absolute torture.

I got some funny texts from my mom in the days leading up to the reveal...

"I'm sitting in your driveway looking for pink or blue lights"
(she wasn't really...she isn't that creepy lol!)

"I would be able to tell by your face...send me a picture"
(we both tend to wear our emotions/feelings/thoughts on our face)

"Can you give me a hint?"

"39 1/2 more hours"

So, as you can see...she is a persistent one ;) #ThatsWhyILoveHer #GrammyIsExcited

Wednesday night we did send out a quick sonogram pic to the family letting them know that everything looked good and that Baby Smith was healthy...and the responses were priceless

Evan: "So am I going to be an aunt or an uncle?" 
Grandpa Fred: "Ahem, HE is sure getting big!
Grammy: This does not show me anything, but SHE is adorable"
Jenni: "OMG look at her little nose"
Grandma Cheryl: "Oh my! Glad SHE is healthy, happy, and growing"

So you can see quite there is quite the divide in predictions here ;)

The wait from Wednesday to Saturday was not an easy one...but it was oh so worth it! Words cannot even begin to express what a special moment it was sharing our exciting news, so I will just let the video speak for itself :)

Seriously...I tear up every time I watch this video, it was so much fun getting to see first hand the surprise on our parents faces. My favorite part is my dad's little celebration...he clearly isn't excited about his first grandson :)

I usually drop the ball on taking photos at our little get togethers...but for my little boy I tried a little harder to document this day of celebration :)

Finley has been "team girl" from day one...but the night before she switched her vote to boy and has decided that "Louis is a pretty good name"

Baby Goose is getting a little buddy...and he is much more excited than he looks :)

Our little boy is pretty blessed with the BEST cousins and Auntie :)

The Grandmas...Cheryl wore blue and pink because she couldn't decide...and my mom went with black to remain neutral.

Our little boy has some pretty great role-models in his life :)

Great-grandparents x 5 now!

Excited to raise our sweet boys together <3

The grandpa's are already making plans for dirt bikes and golf clubs :)

My dad isn't excited AT ALL ;)

Neither is Fred ;)

 I was blessed with the best mom...and now our little boy gets to have the best Grammy :) 

And this guy is pretty excited too...he will be the BEST daddy to our sweet little boy :)

Re-purposing is their specialty ;)

This face melts me every time :)

In all the chaos I tried really hard to get some good family photos and good "announcement shots"

All in all we got a few ones...but it was a bit hectic so they didn't turn out the best. At least I can say I tried :)

This day was better than I could have ever hoped for! So much love and excitement surrounding this little boy already!


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