Tuesday, November 1, 2016

October Happenings

Our October looked a lot like this...

As I was going through pictures to put this post together I realized we didn't have much excitement this month...I blame it on AJ being gone 2 of the 4 weeks for work. #AlwaysAnExcuse #TruthIsILoveBeingAHomebody

We did get out a few more times during the weekends this month than last month...thanks to less nausea and return of some of my energy...but this slower pace is much more to my liking :)

This month we attended our first ever "Porchfest"

This is apparently the 3rd year it's been put on and each year they set up in a different neighborhood and bands from the area play hour long sets on porches in this neighborhood.

We walked around and heard some really great music...

and some really strange music...

but all in all it was a blast and the weather and company was top notch!

We babysat our favorite nieces....

and realized how grossly under-prepared for parenthood we really are! Good thing we don't make them two at a time ;)

This sweet girl loved her "Abacado"

We attended the "Harrison/Hubbs Hogroast"

I took zero pictures, so I stole these from Facebook....

We got to spend some time with our friend Jackie who was in town from Minnesota

Then we headed out for a day of shopping to celebrate my birthday :) 

We may have spent a little time perusing the baby section as well ;)

 And finally to cap off the month we headed to the Kansas Speedway for the American Royal BBQ!

We went ahead and considered this our official "monthly date" even though we kind of dropped the ball this month and forgot to specifically plan something. It's been much harder planning new and creative things to do each month...so lucky for us we have the best realtor in the world, who offered us passes and invited us to the Templeton Rye tent where we enjoyed delicious BBQ and drinks...just water for me though ;)

October sure was good to us...but we sure are looking forward to November! Lots of exciting things to come :)


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