Monday, November 14, 2016

Old Wives Tales: Boy vs Girl

This week is THE WEEK...the week we find out if a sweet baby boy or girl will be joining our family :) This day/appointment has been one we have been looking forward to since the day we found out I was pregnant.

I always kind of thought people were lying when they said they didn't have a preference, boy or girl they just want a healthy baby...but now, being in this situation I can tell you it's not a lie at all. The only thing I care about hearing at our appointment is that baby is growing and looks healthy.

Now, I have certainly had moments where I may have been leaning toward one or the other...but those moments never last very long, and all it has done has made me excited for much so, that if I were given the opportunity to choose which one I would rather have...I couldn't!

I would love a baby boy because I have 2 nieces, and how fun would it be to experience the opposite sex...but I would also love a little mini-me/future best a girl would be great too :) We have names out the wazoo for girls...and well if it's a boy...he may remain nameless...I have tons of ideas for a boy nursery...but girls clothes? #SeriouslyTakeAllMyMoney

So as you can see...I couldn't tell you which I would prefer if I HAD to! HOWEVER, if I was a betting gal...I would say Baby Smith is a little girl. Ever since about 12 weeks I have had this strong maternal instinct that this baby is a girl...I even have gone as far as referring to it as "she" in conversation. I will absolutely fall off the table in SHOCK (and excitement) if the doctor says we are having a little boy.

Now, mother's intuition is not 100%...I mean I have a 50/50 shot of being of course I had to consult a back-up method...and what is more accurate than Old Wives Tales? ;)

1. Sweet versus salty: If you find yourself craving all things sweet, that’s a sign you’re having a girl. Cravings for salty or even protein-rich foods mean it might be a boy. (And if you’re craving everything? Well, that just means you’re pregnant.)

I haven't had too many cravings, but I much prefer savory/salty to sweets. Except for my Hostess Donettes, I have had zero desire to partake in desert or ice cream which is so unlike me.
Prediction: BOY

2. Morning sickness: Unfortunately, this early pregnancy symptom doesn’t tend to discriminate. But if you’re suffering from excessive nausea and morning sickness, it’s said you could be having a girl.

I don't know if I would call it excessive...but it was there, and it still rears its ugly head on occasion.
Prediction: GIRL

3. Pregnancy glow, or no? If your complexion is bright and your hair resembles that of a Pantene commercial, you could be having a boy. If that much-talked-about “pregnancy glow” is MIA and you’re breaking out, it may just mean you’ve got a girl growing. (It’s said little girls steal Mom’s good looks.)

My complexion has been great! I had been dreading the pregnancy acne, but my skin as been clear as can be...and my hair? Well it has been okay....not commercial worthy, but not awful.
Prediction: BOY

4. Moody versus mellow: If you’re feeling more moody than mellow, you might be having a girl. If you’re more chilled out, legend has it you should get ready for a boy.

Minus a few meltdowns (i.e. crying for no reason) I feel pretty laid back and chill...thus far ;)
Prediction: BOY

5. Carrying high versus low: According to pregnancy lore, carrying high means you’re having a girl, while carrying low means it’s a boy.

I don't have much of a bump as of yet...and I don't have torso area to begin with so I am not sure how I could tell...but I did have some co-workers say it looked like I was carrying low it is!
Prediction: BOY

6. The ring test: Tie a ring on a string and hang it over your belly. If it swings in a circular motion, you could be having a boy, but if it’s swinging side to side, it means you’re having a girl.

I did this ring test and the one that was floating around FB there for awhile and it swung back and forth with both of those.
Prediction: GIRL

7. Heart rate: During your next ultrasound, pay attention to baby’s heart rate. If that little ticker is beating faster than 140 beats per minute, get ready for a girl.

At all 3 appointments baby's heart rate has been >140...150, 168, and 165bpm
Prediction: GIRL

8. Chinese Gender Chart: Take the age you were when you conceived and the month you conceived and add them together. Odd number means boy, even number means girl.

I'm 31 and conception was July...31+7= 38
Prediction: GIRL

So as you can see...we are definitely having...a baby ;)


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