Sunday, January 1, 2017

Life Lately: December

December, as usual...was a great month...and BUSY, BUSY, BUSY!! I love the holidays and the hustle and bustle and all the family time...but sleeping through January sounds like a great plan right about now :) 

We started the month off with a fun shopping trip to the Legends with my parents. We started at NFM and ordered the crib, and then hit up the outlets...and of course had to pose for an obligatory photo in front of the tree :)

We celebrated this sweet girl turning ONE!! Seriously, this last year passed in the blink of an eye!

We tried out chili baked potatoes...and they were a HIT! 

This sweet girls spent most of the month sitting by the Christmas far the best gift under the tree :)

We celebrated this guy turning the big 3-0!

Aunt Teresa made sure we had some fun and competition at Smithmas this year!

I've never been to a Toga party...but thanks to this year's Smithmas theme I can now mark that off my bucket list ;) 

So many Smiths!

We celebrated Queen Cheryl's birthday with dinner and with surprise trick candles :) 

We got our welcome box from Amazon for filling out our registry...there were many mixed reviews on the quality of products you receive...but I was pretty thrilled with what we got...especially because it was FREE :)

We sent out our Christmas cards...and my apologies if you got a different design than this one. I didn't order enough of this one the first go around...and within days of placing the order for this one I found a killer Groupon that I just couldn't pass up :)

The crib came in and we got it all put together! #OperationNursery is officially in full swing! 

We celebrated our 2nd annual "PJ and Christmas lights night"
I can't believe next year we will get to  bring the baby along...even if he likely won't care about Christmas lights yet :)


We spent much of winter break like this...I don't mind sharing my Snoogle with this sweet face. 

We spent Christmas Eve with the Smiths! While we would have loved to have Jenni and Evan here with us...we were so thankful for the technology that makes them seem a little less far away. 

Our traditional Christmas day pic was a challenge...sometimes I enjoy the candid photos more anyway! 

Gracie got a fresh haircut :) 

After a VERY long day at the dealership...we welcomed Pearl Smith to the family!

And finally...we rang in the New Year at home with champagne for AJ...and sparkling grape juice for me! 

I have a sneaking suspicion that 2017 just might be our best year yet :) 


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