Monday, January 9, 2017

The ghosts of New Years Resolution past...and a sneak peak at 2017!

It's no secret that I love a good New Year's Resolution...heck, this whole blog came about because of  a New Year's Resolution.

My resolutions of years past have been all over the board...

This resolution was an effort to get myself out of a little life slump...I found myself sticking to a safe and predictable routine...but overall I was kind of unhappy with the direction of my life. I decided that in 2011 instead of hesitating or saying no to new things I would go into the new year with an attitude of "What the heck, Why not?" In 2011 I had quite a few fun adventures...and if you want to get's what inevitably led me to meeting my husband #Success

This resolution fell a little flat...while I did manage to complete several of the things from my list, I struggled to enjoy the check-list feel of it. I had just come off a year of going with the flow and living by the seat of my I would say while this resolution wasn't a complete wasn't necessarily one that ended as planned.

I took a photo a day...every day. I am happy to say I completed this resolution...and while it was a struggle at times (and some of my pictures are pretty boring) I love seeing the photos from 2013 pop up on my TimeHop. 

This is still one of my favorite resolutions because it really jump-started my blogging and reignited a love for running that I didn't know I had lost. I went into this resolution thinking I would run mostly 5ks and 10ks and possibly a half-marathon...well this resolution took a turn and I ended up running 6 half marathons, a full marathon, and a handful of 5ks and 10ks. It was an incredible year that left me feeling so accomplished! 

In 2015 I got a little ambitious and instead of an over-arching resolution I went with a bunch of mini-resolutions. My resolutions were: 1) Keeping a daily journal where I wrote down one to two sentences a day (this only lasted until July #Fail), 2) Read at least 2 books per month #Success 3) Run a sub 1:45 half marathon #TripleSuccess 4) Running a sub 4 marathon #ChicagoYouDaBest

Last year I switched my thinking from resolutions to intentions...but still felt the need to pile on ALLTHEINTENTIONS. I failed at pretty much all of them...except reading 4 books a month and NOT running a marathon. I suppose having several intentions/resolutions means I can feel successful and feel like a failure at the same time :)  


Now that we are 9 days into 2017 I have been thinking a lot about my resolutions and intentions for the next 365 days...errr more like 356 days now ;) I'm about to head into some VERY unknown territory come April...and I am not sure I can commit to anything knowing that life as we know it will be turned upside down (in the best way possible) once baby arrives.

In lieu of specific resolutions, intentions, or goals I have decided to give Ali Edwards "One Little Word" a chance. I'm going to choose a word to focus on for the year...a word to live by...a word to apply to all different areas of my life. 

Right now I am embracing the fact that I am 9 days into 2017 and just now declaring my resolution...I'm going to embrace the fact that I am not ready to write a full post with the specifics on how I will apply this word to my life...I have spent lots of of time thinking about this word and planning how this one little word will play into my life in the next 365 356 days...and I have to say I am awfully excited about this resolution and all the things headed our way in 2017!


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