Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Gestational Diabetes Check In: Week 3

3 weeks ago I was pretty convinced that my GD diagnoses was the worst possible thing ever...now, please don't forget to take into account that I am a pretty dramatic person ;)

However, if you were to ask me today...I would tell you that I was oh so wrong. Now don't get me wrong...it's a pain in the you know what...and I really wish I didn't have to pay attention to every little thing I ate...but it's not even as close to as bad as I anticipated. I would venture to say that I have even found a couple of bright spots in this otherwise inconvenient diagnoses....

1) I know for a fact that me and the lil' man are getting the BEST nutrition possible. While I didn't eat all that unhealthy before, I definitely treated myself more than I should have. Looking at what we had been eating is a real eye-opener for us. Even without/before an insulin resistance I am sure my blood sugar was elevated more times than not.

2) My pregnancy weight gain will (likely) be minimal or at least less than if I was treating myself with ice cream and candy whenever I felt like it. At 29 weeks I had gained about 13lbs...so I wasn't exactly on the path to self destruction...but since being diagnosed I haven't gained a thing...I have actually lost a pound or two. My dietician and diabetic counselor had told me that this was something that would likely happen...and that it was nothing to worry about. Prior to my diagnoses I had gone almost 6 weeks without gaining any weight as well and my doctor didn't seemed concerned at all because lil' man is growing right on track...so as long as this continues I will choose to be grateful that there will be less weight to lose after he is born :)

3) We have found numerous new meals to add to our dinner rotation...and honestly, they are quite delicious! We had been stuck in somewhat of a rut and had gotten kind of lazy with making dinner...and we were eating the same 5-7 things each week...and throwing in the occasional Mac N' Cheese and hotdogs (we are 5) and frozen pizza. These new meals will definitely be sticking around after baby is born...although, the occasional Mac N' Cheese/Frozen Pizza will be reintroduced ;)

4) We are saving money...we don't order pizza or go out to eat nearly as much so our fast food budget has gone down. Our grocery bill went up at first because we went to Costco and bought a bunch of things in bulk...but it seems to be evening out with our weekly grocery store trips because we don't have to buy as much.

So, while there are times I still want to say "it's not fair" -especially this weekend when I really, really, really wanted to dive head-first into a bag of Sour Patch kids...I'm choosing to see the silver lining and embracing this diet for 7ish more weeks...and then after that..."Hide yo Oreos, Hide yo Sour Patch kids..."

Here is a quick recap of this past week....

This was the biggest stressor for me when I was first diagnosed. I felt totally clueless and wasn't sure how I would figure out what to eat, what to snack on, and I worried about meal planning feeling overwhelming. Like I mentioned above...I totally blew this out of proportion. Come to find out I am much better at reading labels and figuring out my portions/ratios than I thought. Not only have we found several new meals that work perfectly...I have managed to eat out successfully 3 times and even treated myself to ice cream a time or two and kept my numbers well below the recommended target. Now if I could only figure out a way to incorporate candy successfully ;) #CandyOnMyMind #IBlameVDay


If I had to choose a most frustrating part of this diagnoses, this would be it...while I have gotten really stealthy and good at testing my sugars at work (or in the middle of Hobby Lobby) it's still not ideal. I have had some issues with the testing being accurate...I got a higher number than normal one day after lunch (119-when I haven't had anything over 110 this entire time) and tested again seconds later on a different finger only to get a 100. This is a bit frustrating for sure...but it looks like from what I have read getting a false high number is much more common than a false low number, so at least I can rest easy knowing that.

Another issue I had this week is my poker/stabber (this is the name I have affectionately given it) accidentally got switched to a 4 (this is the depth of the needle) from a 2. I poked myself twice where it was extremely painful and I couldn't get it to stop bleeding and needed a band-aid. I couldn't quite figure out what was going on the first time, but after the second I was like "what the heck, why is this all of a sudden happening?" and I looked down and noticed that the dial had been turned. You better believe I won't make that mistake again #Ouch
All in all testing isn't terrible...it's just the worst part of the whole thing. I do like knowing my numbers...it's reassuring and helpful when I am playing around with what I can and can't eat.


I suppose I could have added this to my list of bright spots with this diagnoses...not only has the minimal weight gain made it a little easier to continue running and working out...but the motivation from knowing that regular exercise makes my body more efficient at using the insulin my body is producing helps me to avoid skipping days. Third trimester has left me feeling MUCH more tired and more likely to skip a workout...but like I said, knowing it's beneficial to my body and my blood sugar has been the only push I have needed not to skip workouts. I still take rest days...but on those days I make sure to get in a walk or get my body moving in some way. 


I am probably as emotionally stable as a woman who is 8 months pregnant and filled with hormones can get at this point ;) I haven't cried or gotten stressed or worried about my diagnoses at all this last week...which is a huge change from how I felt initially. I no longer worry about the effects of the GD on my baby...I have been controlling it about as well as one can and he is measuring perfectly, so I have really let go of that added unnecessary worry. I feel confident that I am doing everything in my power to make sure my baby gets the best chance at being healthy and strong come his birthday :)


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