Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Life Lately: January

 There have been months that we are pretty boring...but this month takes the cake. I blame it on winter hibernation and pregnancy...I can only use that as an excuse for so long, and I plan on using it to it's full potential :) 

 We did get out a little more than the pictures suggest...but I just didn't take pictures...can I blame this on pregnancy brain? #YesICan

I like being I won't apologize. This is all you get for January, and hopefully I am better at documenting our "exciting" February #WhoAmIKidding #WeWillBeLazyAgain


 We rang in the New Year at home this year...and that was just fine with us! What was not fine was Mariah Carey's performance....I'm not sure if this is what we are turning our noses up to in the picture above, but I like to pretend it is :)

 This is our 5th New Year's celebration together...and our first at home...and our last as just the two of us :)

Gracie had a really exciting January as well...she started taking her assistant duties very seriously ;) She sure loves the days that AJ is working from home! 

She is still in denial about the new baby joining our family...she seems to think she is the baby...Not sure what gave her that idea ;)

I had my first snow day of the school year...and it didn't snow at all! There was a HUGE storm predicted for the whole weekend and we hardly got anything...but we used it as an excuse to be as lazy as possible :) 

I spent a big chunk of time at Hobby Lobby buying stuff for Baby Smith's room.

I started his on his quilt...and hoping I finish before he gets here ;) 

We purchased an ottoman to go with our glider/recliner. 

We went out in Waldo to celebrate our friend Brad's of us had a little to drink ;)

We celebrated Miles' first birthday...he was not as impressed with the birthday cake as everyone else was ;) 

After being diagnosed with Gestational Diabetes we started getting really creative in the kitchen and have found several new dishes to add to our permanent rotation!

The month started with an "ice storm" and ended with beautiful weather that couldn't be wasted! 

Here's to hoping February brings us just as much sunshine and laziness ;)


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