Friday, March 10, 2017

36 Weeks: I'm in granny panty heaven!

Holy moly, we are in the homestretch! I am definitely feeling every bit of 9 months pregnant and I am absolutely giddy at the thought that we will be meeting our little guy in about a month! 

How far along?
36 weeks-9 months!

How big is baby?
A Papaya or a cabbage patch doll
 ~18.7" and ~5.73 lbs

What's baby up to this week?
He is continuing to put on baby fat and his digestive system is the only major system that is not fully developed yet-and this won't happen until he is born.

Holy heartburn...this was a symptom I was lucky enough to avoid for most of this pregnancy, but it has definitely caught up with me #TumsMe
 Swelling in my feet is still an issue after a long day at work, which in turn has made my calves/legs really sore, but other than that I have been feeling pretty good.

Maternity Clothes?
A total TMI, but I finally broke down and bought new underwear, and I have to tell you I am in granny panty heaven! Why did I wait so long?!?

Other than that I am embracing these warmer than average temperatures and squeezing myself into my maxi dresses :)   

Still sleeping pretty well, although I think my body would like to get at least 14 hours a night, because I am so darned tired! My bathroom breaks have gone up to at least 3 times per that's fun, but I will be grateful that I am still relatively comfortable at this point.

Missing Anything?
My energy...I'm not sure if it's just this crazy time in the school year, but I am SO stinking tired!

Sour Patch Kids, Swedish Fish, Sweet Tart Jelly Beans....basically candy, candy, and more candy! I have been able to work in a few sweet treats here and there with my meals, but candy is just one I can't seem to justify. It literally has zero nutrition and boat loads of sugar. Don't be surprised if you look in my hospital bag and see it half full of candy ;)

Not really anything

The excitement has set in...I cannot believe that in 4 short weeks (give or take) we will be meeting our little guy!

The movement has definitely's lower and mostly pushes and nudges with the occasional earthquake :) It's obvious that things are getting a bit crowded in there!

Best Moment of the week
The start of SPRING BREAK!! I'm so excited to wear sweatpants and prop my feet up and do nothing for a whole week!  

Pregnancy Brain Moments
My brain just works slower these if you are trying to explain something simple to me and I don't get it...please be patient ;)

Looking forward to?

Projects/Baby Gear purchased?
I bought his Easter outfit this weekend :) At my last appointment I asked my doctor how much past my due date she would allow me to go and she said she would let me go up to a week, which means he will definitely be here by Easter...which has me SO excited :) Also, this means I can have Easter candy...soooo I am keeping my fingers crossed the Easter Bunny brings me a nice big ol' basket of goodies ;) #HintHint

I also plan to head out for a little last minute shopping spree to pick up the few things we still need and FINALLY get the rest of the stuff hung up in the nursery, I want his room to be all ready for him by the end of spring break. 

After making it to 3rd trimester my goal was to make it to 36 weeks and I am happy to say I did it! I'm only running about 3x per week and mixing in lots of walk breaks, but running is running at this point :) On Wednesday I was even able to run 1 mile without stopping to walk...which if you had asked me one year ago, would not be something to celebrate, but at 9 months pregnant I choose to celebrate this mini win!

My goal was 36 weeks...and at this point it will truly be day by day. I am going to continue to run as long as my body will allow, and if I can get in a run the day before/of delivery that would be even better ;)




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