Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Gestational Diabetes Check In: Week 8

8 weeks down...2 1/2 ish to go!! I cannot believe we are in the homestretch of not only this GD journey, but the pregnancy in general. At times it seems like it has flown by...and then other times it feels like it's absolutely dragging!

The anxiety has definitely set it...but it is outweighed heavily by the excitement of meeting our little man! I'm getting excited to snuggle him and see his sweet face...what will he look like? What color will his hair be? Will he have any hair? 


This week has me questioning my diagnoses all together even more so than usual. Like I mentioned last week from what I have read some cases tend to get better or level out around 36-37 weeks, and I am convinced I am one of those cases. Last week when I called my numbers in my dietician questioned me and asked if I was eating enough because my numbers were so low. I told her that not only am I eating enough, I am pushing the limits with my carbs and often eating more than my allotted amount and still getting numbers under 100. Her response was "vonderful" -yes she has a darling accent...and then she followed it up with "you probably just had a mild case of GD"

GD is such a confusing diagnoses because it truly affects everyone very differently. I joined a support group on FB and it's amazing to me how different we all are. Some people's numbers are through the roof if they even look at white bread...and some people can eat a bagel and cream cheese and be just fine. Some people can't get their fasting numbers below 90 without a nighttime snack...and others have no issues at all.

There are no rules that GD follows...especially when it comes to how it's controlled. After joining the group I am so grateful that I have had such an easy time controlling my numbers and haven't had to be put on medication.


I have gotten really bad with this...I have had several occasions where I forget to set my timer and then forget to test #Oops In the beginning I lived and died by my timer and was so neurotic about testing my numbers...but as time has gone on I have gotten pretty good at picking and choosing what to eat to keep my numbers where they need to be so I am not as concerned with checking, because I know they are just fine. The first time I called in with some missing numbers I worried they would be upset that I was forgetting, but they didn't say a word. I would really love to stop testing all together...my finger tips could really use the break :)


Woof...this is seriously the last thing I want to do nowadays. I attempted my final run this morning...and after .25 miles and throbbing shins/calves I called it quits. My body is not a fan of lugging around these 20 extra lbs and isn't being shy about letting me know. I still haven't decided if I will continue to go to Jazzercise or not...or if I will just try to get in a 30 min walk each day? I'm on my feet moving around a lot at work every day...so even without my walk I am getting plenty of movement...my swollen ankles are proof! 

I am hoping that my decrease in exercise/activity doesn't make my numbers go crazy, but if it does I will just tighten up on my diet because at this point running is NOT an option, because believe me, if it was I would still be doing it!


This past week was a good one. I haven't had one "it's not fair moment" and I have been able to treat myself a few times and you would have thought I won the lottery on those days. 
I'm still on cloud 9 from being able to eat a double cheeseburger and a half a order of small fries from McDonalds...I'm pathetic :) 

Being in the homestretch and knowing I likely have less than 3 weeks left until I meet my little guy and return to my regular candy consumption has me feeling pretty darn good.


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