Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Gestational Diabetes Check In: Week 9

10 more days...40 more finger pricks (give or take) and I am definitely seeing the light at the end of this tunnel!


I'm still easily controlling my numbers with diet, which has me counting my lucky stars! Yes, it's not ideal that I got this diagnoses at all...but at least I am not having to take insulin or having to discuss early induction with my doctor. While this isn't my favorite thing to be dealing could definitely be worse! 
We tried a few new meals this week...but I think at this point we are done trying new meals and we will stick with our tried and true meals...which will likely stick around post-baby as well! If there was ever a silver-lining to this it would be the new yummy meals we were forced to try :)


The tips of my fingers are started to get a little sore...I mean, 4 pokes a day for 9 weeks is a lot. They are definitely ready for a break! If baby goes passed his due date (which first baby's generally do) I am looking at having to buy more test strips...I'm hoping to get the okay from my doctor to test one less time per day to avoid this...but if not, I will reluctantly spend the money and do what I am told... #RuleFollower


Yea...soooooo, about this. I have completely stopped running and haven't been to Jazzercise in at least a week. Not only is my body physically having trouble working out, but I am just SO stinking tired after work it's hard to get motivated. I have been going on long walks at least every other day...and I get in plenty of steps/being on my feet teaching all day so I consider that exercise :) My numbers haven't really suffered, so that is good! 


I'm starting to get a little anxious thinking about d-day...not only am I worrying about what I have to do to get this baby out, but I have moments where I torture myself with worst case scenario...and the waiting game makes this anxiety a little worse. 

I keep reminding myself that I have done a great job controlling my numbers and doing everything possible to keep baby healthy and safe, but until he is in my arms safe and sound I will probably continue to worry :) 


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