Friday, June 30, 2017

Life with Benny: 3 Months

Oh have changed our world for the better, and this last month may just be my favorite one yet! Those first two months were filled with lots of sleepless nights and this month it's like a switch flipped and you have figured it all out! Mommy and daddy are so appreciative of the extra please keep it up and don't fall into that 4 month sleep regression trap #PrettyPlease

Weight: 13lbs 2 oz (29%)

*We didn't have an official doctor's appointment this month, just a quick visit with a weigh-in due to the reflux so we didn't get height or head circumference. 


Still in size 1's and they are fitting much better. It's crazy to see how much he has grown since we brought him home...we had a few newborn diapers left over and it's hard to believe that he ever fit into them. 


Still wearing 0-3 month clothes, which makes this momma happy because he has so many cute clothes in this size. However, with the way he is growing I am sure he will be wearing the 3-6 month sizes in no time!


Eating has never been an issue for this little piggy! He now goes 3-4 hours between feedings during the day and up to 8 hours at night! This is a huge change from before when he was eating every hour or two. He is not picky when it comes to eating either...he nurses like a champ and will take bottle straight from the fridge, which is really nice.

He gets a 1 oz bottle in the mornings and before bed with his reflux meds, but other than that I am exclusively nursing him, unless I have to be away for an extended amount of time...which to be honest is hardly ever. I know breast-feeding isn't for everyone, but it's been something that I really enjoy and I plan to soak up every minute of it before returning to work.


He has done a complete 180 in this department. At his 2 month appointment when talking with his doctor about his sleeping (or lack thereof), she said she thought he might be suffering from silent reflux and she wanted me to start giving him Zantac....and while I was desperate for answers/help in the sleep department I wasn't necessarily wanting to give him when she said this I started to cry. She reassured me that the meds were okay for him to take and then said to just try it for a week and we could reevaluate from there. We started him on the meds that night and within a couple of days he was sleeping 6-8 hours at a time.

Also, this month he has completely transitioned to his crib. We had finally given in and let him sleep at night in the Rock n' Play and once he started meds we were getting big stretches of sleep out of him. We started with naps in the crib and he was sleeping like a champ, and then we decided to go for it one night and try the crib and he slept just as well...if not better! After spending the first 2 months of this kids life feeling like an absolute failure in the sleep department this felt like a huge win!

He is now also sleeping in the Halo Swaddler/Sleep sack...after trying EVERY SINGLE swaddle option out there I was sure this one wouldn't work either...but he loves it! He is a big fan of being wrapped up in blankets and this swaddle is soft and more blanket like so I have a feeling that is why.

He finally, finally, finally slept through the night. A 6 hour stretch is considered through the night at this age, so he is still waking up around 3 or 4 AM for a feeding, but I still call this a win!

He has gotten so much more interactive this month. He is smiling and cooing like crazy and we have even gotten a few little laughs out of him. His personality is coming out and he is a happy, happy, boy...unless he is hungry or tired #MustBeGenetic

He swats at and grabs his toys now and even brings them to his they can go into his mouth. Speaking of putting things in his mouth, he discovered his hands this month and he is constantly trying to put them both in his mouth at the same time.

He is blowing lots of bubbles and drooling like crazy, we finally had to bust out the bibs to salvage his shirts!

And the biggest milestone of the month is HE ROLLED OVER! He has been so close for the last week or two, but would get so frustrated and cry so I would flip him back onto his back. Yesterday morning before AJ went to work I put him on his tummy in the living room and he rolled over like it was no big deal. As first time parents of course it was a HUGE deal to us and we cheered so loudly we scared him, and made him cry lol! I guess he is not as excitable as we are ;) 


Blankets and being swaddled top the list of favorites this month. If he gets fussy or tired all I have to do is wrap him up tight in a blanket and he calms down immediately. He also likes to have a blanket on his legs when he is in his car seat or sitting in his bouncy chair...apparently he is a little old lady ;)

He loves his bouncy chair and the Sit Me Up...anything that gets him upright and in on the action!

Laying on the floor or on his Boppy and talking and singing. We spend hours every day just sitting on the floor talking and's definitely a favorite of mine as well. He loves listening to music and dancing along...although mommy and daddy help him with most of his moves right now ;)


He still isn't crazy about his car seat, but he is much better than he was...I suppose after spending 12 hours in his car seat on our way to and from Minnesota a quick ride across town doesn't seem so bad anymore ;)
He doesn't love Gracie's bark...and I am with him on that. She loves playing fetch, but cannot seem to control her barking when I throw the ball...and it's high pitched and awful. Needless to say, not a lot of fetch happens in this house anymore ;) 

There isn't a lot he doesn't like...he is pretty happy most of the time except for when he is hungry or sleepy...but aren't we all ;)

Month Two Highlights

 Making plans to take over the world with his sidekick Gracie ;)

Went to his first Sporting KC game...he had more fun than he is letting on  ;)

He started napping without needing to be held #Hallelujah

 He met his Ohio cousins

Enjoyed some snuggles with his big cousin Elmyra errr Finley ;)

Spent countless hours talking to Monsieur Leon and Ellie the Elephant

He started sleeping in his crib and waking up happy! I was super leery about giving him reflux meds but after seeing the changes in this kid I am a believer!

 More puppy snuggles

Baths are easily our favorite <3 Mommy and Daddy fight over who gets to give him his we just do it together ;)

He went on his first car-trip...12 hours each way to Minnesota

 He attended his first wedding...and he was the perfect wedding date...even if he makes funny faces in pictures #JustLikeHisDad

Spend a wonderful weekend with our cousins <3

He was a happy, happy, boy all month <3

 He loves sitting up and being a part of the action so we put him in his high-chair while we ate dinner.

He met his California cousins and his Aunt Lee Anne

More smiles :)

He made his first trip to Home Depot

Spent some time lovin' on his GG

Discovered that trees and leaves are pretty fascinating ;)

Spent a morning smoking ribs with Daddy

Did I mention he started sleeping in his crib? #CanYouTellIAmExcited

 Spent some time being extra cute :)

Tummy time got more fun when we added books...he loves reading like his mama.

He loves sitting up, and I can finally set him up in his chair without him slumping over.

 He loves, loves, loves when we help him stand up

He got a super rad pair of sunglasses

He spent an evening being smothered snuggled by his big cousins

He is starting to be more interested in his toys, and this tag blanket is one of his favorites!

I got this look a lot this month when encouraging him to roll over :)

We went on a walk with our besties!



This month was hands-down my favorite one so far, and rumor has it, it's only going to get better! #HowIsThatEvenPossible

Sure, there are moments when I miss my squishy, snuggly little newborn...but nothing beats him smiling and cooing at us! These last 3 months have easily been the hardest most WONDERFUL months of my life. I thank God every day for this sweet boy <3

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Thursday, June 22, 2017

Life with Benny: Father's Day

This past weekend we celebrated all our favorite dads...

Benny and I are pretty lucky to have all these great guys in our life. 

Since it was AJ's first Father's Day we went out and bought him the manliest of dad gifts...a smoker :) He has wanted one for years, but we just never pulled the trigger. We were hosting Father's Day lunch at our house, so we figured this was as good a time as any to buy one. 

 Saturday morning started bright and early for my guys...

They started smoking the ribs and pork while I went for a run...

Benny even had a special outfit for the occasion
Lunch may have taken a little longer to cook than planned...but no one starved and we enjoyed the time with our families.

Poppy got lots of Benny snuggles


Gracie got some exercise...

 Benny wasn't completely convinced that daddy is as cool and rad as he is ;)

 And while the pork may have taken longer to cook than planned, the ribs were delicious! 

Tender enough for even Benny to enjoy ;) 

**I feel I should probably insert a disclaimer here...please do not worry, I did not feed my 11 week old dad wiped some sauce on his face to be funny...none was babies were harmed...please don't call CPS on me ;) 

Family was in town for California so family photos were a must...

What a wonderful day it was!