Sunday, July 30, 2017

Life with Benny: 4 months

Weight: 14lbs 6 oz (42%)
Height: 24. in (33%)
Head: 16.3 in (31%)


We switched over to size 2 diapers when we ran out of our size 1's. They were a little big at first, but thanks to a growth spurt a few weeks ago they fit much better now. We have been really lucky to not have to buy many diapers for the first 4 months, since we had received so many as gifts. We are now down to the last of our size 2's so we set up a subscription on Amazon and they will be delivering a box each month. We are still sticking with Pampers Swaddlers since they seem to prevent the most blow-outs.


It seemed like he went from comfortably wearing his 0-3 month sizes to rockin' a wedgie overnight #GrowthSpurt ;) We had to retire most of his 0-3 month clothes and he is now comfortably wearing 3-6 month sizes.


He is still eating every 3-4 hours, and sometimes more frequently in the evenings as it gets closer to bedtime. He is still nursing like a champ and taking a bottle pretty easily, although we had two incidents where he refused to take a bottle (from Grammy and Daddy) but luckily mommy was there to save the day :) Let's just hope he isn't boycotting the bottle now right before I go back to work! 


Predictably, unpredictable...that is the only way I can find to describe his sleeping habits. At the beginning of the month he was doing a great job. We were laying him down awake and unswaddled and he was falling asleep on his own, and he was sleeping anywhere from 6-8 hour stretches in his crib...and then BAM a HUGE regression....for about 2 weeks he was waking up every 2-3 hours starving. We chalked it up to him going through the 4 mo sleep regression a few weeks early, and right smack dab in the middle of it we went to Ohio. My aunt was able to borrow a Rock n' Play from a friend and I knew that he would at least sleep a couple hours at a time in that....turns out vacation is all we needed to get back on track! He slept REALLY well the whole time we were in Ohio...we are talking 6-8 hour stretches again. I worried a little when we got home because he would be in his crib again, but he surprised us yet again by sleeping really well. There was even one night that he slept a 9 hour stretch (which is a record) We have gone back to swaddling him at night (and leaving one arm out) and that seems to have helped a bit. He isn't rolling over from back to front...and doesn't seem to be close so we will slowly wean away from the swaddle.

Naps were pretty unpredictable this month as sweet baby who was consistently taking a couple of 1.5-2 hour naps each day became a cat-napper. Prior to going to Ohio I started really trying to put him on a schedule hoping that a strict routine would help him to sleep better at night...and after Ohio and seeing that the less scheduled I was with him the better he slept (and the happier I was) I gave up on micromanaging his sleeping. I watch his cues and put him down for a nap when he seems tired (which is usually every hour to hour and a half) and if he wakes up and seems happy I don't try to get him to go back to sleep. Not only is he sleeping better now...but I am much less stressed trying to control his naps and plan around it.


Lil' man rolled over last month and since then has only rolled over about 6 times. He is as coordinated as his mommy and daddy and gets himself stuck and VERY frustrated.

He is definitely noticing the world around him even more. He will spot AJ or I across the room and make eye contact and even smile at us.

He is grabbing his toys with much more accuracy and everything is going in his mouth...especially his hands.

He is constantly wanting to stand up and look around. He is even sitting up, supported by either us or his boppy and this makes him a happy camper! Tummy time isn't/wasn't his favorite...but sitting up sure is! 

He is talking up a storm! Lots of coos, squeals, and screams if you aren't talking to him ;)

He is now riding in his stroller like a big boy, and he LOVES it! He would get fussy when riding in his car seat but now that he is facing out and can see everything he is happy, happy, happy! I can't wait until we can start running together! 

He took his first plane ride this month and was a champ! The pressure didn't seem to bother him one bit. The only time he got kind of antsy was when the plane wasn't moving.


He is still a big fan of his play-mat and talking to and grabbing his animal "friends"
He LOVES Sophie the Giraffe and his elephant lovie...he is always trying to eat them!
Sitting or standing up and looking around is by far his favorite activity...gone are the days of my snuggly little babe...he prefers to be in on the action.


I have a hard time making a list of dislikes for him, because he is a pretty happy go-lucky kiddo. He is pretty content as long as he isn't hungry or tired.

Month Two Highlights

This month our sweet boy...

Spent many afternoons entertaining mommy and snuggling his puppy

 Enjoyed every single bath! Kicking and splashing have now become part of our routine!

Celebrated Ben's (and America's) birthday in style ;)

Had the BEST 4th of July! Food, friends, and cute babies!

went up to school with lasted approximately 20 minutes and ended with an exceptionally poopy diaper :)

 worked on his fitness :)

Found his thumb...uh oh!

tolerated tummy time ;)

got cuter and cuter by the day!

rode in his stroller like a big boy...he thinks he is pretty hot stuff now ;)

gave the mohawk a try

Did some light reading...

and helped daddy out around the office ;)

decided that sitting up was a new trick he would like to try

worked on his modeling career...

just kidding :)

spent even more time with his furry best friend! Some days I am not sure how she feels about this...but after being gone for 5 days her excitement at their reunion tells me she is a fan :)

went swimming for the first time.

practiced rolling over...Gracie kept trying to show him an easier way ;)

soaked up ALL the snuggles with mommy!

Spent an afternoon with his Aunt Caitie and his cousins while mommy went to her hair appointment. 

took his very first plane ride and surprised us all with how well he did!

He met his great-grandpa John and was a big fan :)

Spent a day shopping with the ladies and was a total trooper! 

Loved all the attention he got from his Aunt Kathi and cousins!

 Even though it really wore him out!

practiced sitting up!

and even MORE snuggles with his puppy! These two make my heart SO happy!

He discovered his lovie and is infatuated. 

Had his 4 month shots and was a total trooper! I think it was more painful for mommy! Although, for a few days after he was a little fussy and only snuggles would do #IDidntMindABit

Discovered his reflection in the mirror and is pretty impressed :) 

smiled, and smiled, and smiled! This is a happy little guy!

He got a new toy and I think it's safe to say he loves it! 

This month was bittersweet...each day that passes brings more fun with this little guy, but it also brings us closer to the end of our 24/7 time together. I have a feeling next month will be a tough one...for me at least. 


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