Sunday, September 3, 2017

Life With Benny: 5 Months


He is still comfortably wearing size 2's and thanks to some longer stretches of sleep he needed some overnight diapers. They only make those in size 3, so while they are a little big they get the job done!


He is wearing 3-6 months in almost all of his clothing, and honestly these days he just wears a onsie. It's hot, they are easy, and if I didn't have to wear pants every day I wouldn't either.

We said sayonara to the swaddle (which was short lived) and he now sleeps in gowns #TheyArentDresses

Also, when struggling to figure out this kids sleep habits and create a nap routine, he became really attached to what we call his "monkey suit" It is a fleece sleep sack type thing and this boy won't nap without it. He has always loved blankets and being snuggled, so this thing puts him right to sleep.

We are still exclusively breastfeeding, but most of his meals come from a bottle now that he has started daycare. I nurse him in the morning before work, after work, and before bed...and occasionally at 3AM.

 At his 4 mo check-up the doctor mentioned that we could start rice cereal if we really wanted to, but nutritionally there was no benefit, so we could wait until he was 6 mos old to introduce any and all foods. We decided to skip the rice cereal, but have been thinking about introducing a few pureed veggies sometime this next month.


I am almost afraid to write this...I'm a superstitious person, and things have been going really well in the sleep department and I would like to keep it that way ;)

Sleep (and lack of it) has easily been the hardest part of parenting thus far, but this month it's like it all just "clicked" and we are no longer fighting an uphill battle (until I post this, that is)

The biggest change in his sleeping has been that he now puts himself to sleep. It started with bedtime and eventually transferred to naps and it has been the most freeing and wonderful thing. He doesn't cry, he just talks to himself and kicks his legs and about 10 mins later (or less) he is sound asleep.

Not only is he putting himself to sleep but he is sleeping much longer stretches. The majority of the time he gives us anywhere from 6-8 hour stretches and just last week he gave us almost 5 days in a row of sleeping completely through the 8PM-5AM #AMAZING

Most of the time though he goes down around 8 and wakes up once between 3AM and 4AM and goes right back to bed until about 7 when we have to wake him up.

Naps have gotten much better as well. They still aren't very consistent, but he is falling asleep on his own and taking one long nap and 3 shorter naps.

He started daycare this month and sleep was my biggest worry. I thought for sure he would fight naps and end up over-tired and cranky...and as usual, he surprised us all with taking a 3 hour nap on his first day. He has continued to take one long nap (2-3 hours) and at least one shorter nap at daycare. He does fight his afternoon nap, but I think it's because he just can't wait for mommy to come pick him up :)

**I should never have spoken about this...I should have kept my mouth shut and enjoyed the 8-10 hour stretches of sleep at night. I wrote this about a week before he turned 5 mos old and in that week there was some major regression. Waking every 3 hours has become the norm...I have been trying not to feed him (because I know he can go all night) but he is starving...I'm guessing this is another growth spurt #ImLeTired #WhyDidIOpenMyBigMouth


This month he laugh laughed for the very first time and let me tell you there is no sweeter sound in the world than that little boys giggle! Of course the first thing that made him giggle was Gracie and her crazy fetch antics. Nowadays you can find AJ and I doing anything and everything in our power to get a giggle out of him...but he is still pretty stingy ;)

He isn't quite sitting up yet, but I would say we are getting close. He prefers to be upright pretty much all the time and he can sit for short periods of time with the help of his boppy. I am a little nervous about letting go though...because a few weeks ago he took a face plant right into the carpet. He only cried for a second...mommy cried much longer.
He started daycare and has been a total champ! Ms. Judy said he is always in a good mood (unless he is hungry) and he seriously lights up when he sees her and the other boys. It makes it so much easier to leave him each day when I know he loves being there. 

His hand-eye coordination has also improved tremendously, if he sees something he wants he can grab it...and then it goes straight into his mouth.

He got to go on his very first stroller run this month...and he loved it! He even fell asleep on our cool down walk. He is still in the car seat when I run, but I have a feeling he will be even happier once he can sit forward facing. I run in the morning most of the time and running with a stroller is tough, so we have only been a few times thus far.


His feet finally touch the floor in his jumper and he LOVES this thing. He would jump forever if we would let him. 

He has a very weird obsession with the throw pillows on the couch. I can't decide if it's the pattern or the texture, but he is always grabbing at and rubbing his hands across them.

He is still a big fan of his play-mat and often times when we are trying to play with him on the floor we catch him staring (longingly) at his "friends" 

He loves daycare and watching the bigger kiddos play.

The bath is still one of his favorite places to be, and this month the splashing and yelling has gotten a little more intense. 


He is still pretty easy going and happy go lucky these days. The only time he gets even the slightest bit fussy is when he is hungry or tired.


 He spent some time with his buddy, Theo <3 I can't wait to see the shenanigans our little framily of boys gets into as they get older. 

He LOVED his first stroller run with mommy! 

We started sitting him at the dinner table with us in the evenings. He is VERY interested in what we are eating...good thing it's almost time for some food!

He helped mommy in her classroom! I thought we wouldn't be able to stay long because he was going to need a nap, but the little champ took a 45 min nap in his car seat even with all the noise! 

Mommy started back to work, so there were LOTS of afternoon nap snuggles that first week or two. 

 We went to dinner at Red Robin with our buddy Caleb...and his parents ;)

 Got lots of love from his big cousins. 

 and spent an evening with Grammy and Poppy

He spent several Saturday mornings bonding with daddy while mommy was out on her long runs...

and then participated in some long run recovery :) 

Bubble crowns became a thing this month...

Back to work for mommy meant she needed an assistant and B was happy to oblige. 

The pillow obsessions is real! 

Finally we spent a Saturday morning at cousin Finley's soccer practice. This guys loves being outside and watching the big kids play, so he was in he got to hang with his Uncle Brandon. 

This month seem to sweep by in the blink of an eye! Going back to work meant our time together was cut drastically, but nowadays we are just sure to make the best of our evenings and weekends!


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